Saturday, March 28, 2015

April Giveaways, Freebies, & More!

It's almost here....SUMMER I mean April!  Gosh, I'll just keep dreaming!  I love hosting these monthly posts...they help me get prepared for the month, AND I hope that they help get your mind wrapped around the upcoming days too!  April is looking to be an eventful month for me!  So, I am going to need all the help I can get to prevail!

Be sure to enter to win a set of all of the mentioned packets in this post! OH YEAH!

Up first is literacy centers!  I just swapped mine out today and I know the kiddos are going to be so giddy when they see these!

Springtime Word Builder

The students will use the letters within the word 'springtime' to make new words.  They will write down their new words on the recording sheets, and if they get stuck...I've made a list!

Flying Ending Sounds

Kiddos will listen for the  final sounds in this literacy center.  They will sort the final sounds as ck, ff, and ss.  There is also a matching recording sheet!

Blending in the Rain

In this center your students will view the blend located on each rain cloud.  They will sort the matching blend raindrop pictures.  Then, students will record their answers on the corresponding sheet.

Eggs in a Basket

Each month I like to have a matching sight word activity...and this one is one of my favorites!  Students will view the sight word card and then build that sight word using the eggs!

CVCC Little Birdie Match-Ups

Working on those tricky ending blends?  This adorable center has the students match the CVCC {picture} birdie to the birdhouse {word}.

You can view these centers by clicking below...

Now for a little math center fun!  You'll be able to tell what we are busy working on this month....ADDITION!  I've always felt that the kiddos "got" addition...when I presented it in fun and engaging ways!

This one is by far my FAVORITE!  For this center students will match the equation to the jar of bugs!

A "clip it" activity is always a must!  If I dare take away their clothespins, there will for sure be a backlash ;)  This month we will be working on finding the number that is the least!

A little mix of place value, and addition, AND teen numbers!  Yep, yep, yep!

We are not done with addition yet!  For this center the students will roll the equation cube and the the missing addend cube!  That's right...two skills in one center...BAM!

A little springtime number bond action too AKA addition!  I've included two version depending on if you are or are not working on missing addends!

If interested you can view these centers by clicking below!

I also loved doing this little special back around it's back!  If you purchase my math centers packet, you'll snag my Spring Addition/Subtraction packet for FREE!  After making your'll just want to email me at


Now it's on to my life saver packet each month- -  Taking Back Weekends!  These packets have anything and everything "extra" I'll need! I use the literacy and math centers...writing prompts for work on writing folders, whole-group writing activities, sub plans, and MORE!

View a preview and the packet by clicking below....

And it's giveaway time!  Enter below for a chance to win all THREE packets.  You'll be set for the month of April for sure! :)  The giveaway will end Tuesday, March 31st!

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Now time for a couple of freebies!  I have been posting this dated writing paper each month... I hope someone is still in need of it?! :)  You can download it by clicking below!

I also compiled a set of freebie opinion story starters for your kiddos!

If you're a visual idea "getter" I've compiled some great springtime ideas for your classroom on my spring pinterest board!  You can view by clicking below...

A couple days early, but I will be happy to say this why....

Monday, March 23, 2015

Chunkin' It Up!

We are in fast forward in my know that time where our sweet little kinders blossom like flowers and then before we know it they are first graders! It seems like at the reading group table is where I notice this "magic" the most!  I guess it's because it's just me and a group of about 5 or 6...I notice their smiles when they tackle an unknown word...and I notice them whisper to their friends, "I read it 2 times before she asked for our books!"   It's those moments that show me I must continue to provide exiting, engaging, and FUN activities for the reading group table.  I want t keep the kids excited to come back and of course we don't need glam and glitz...but I do like to make them happy...after all we ARE learning and having fun!

So, in comes my new chunkin' it up cards!  You can see the mayhem in the above picture!  I lay down a big group of chunk cards and the kids They zip through the strips and collect the ones they tackled! You can listen to one below....and hear the little girl in the background too who is showing me her HUGE stack lol!

And another action video...this one of my sweet niece who is so lucky to have her mommy and her aunt getting her to verify "kid friendly" before the kids get their hands on it ;)

I also made these fun little cards where the kiddos get to work with a chunk to make new words!  You can also choose to have them record their new words.  For me...I like to introduce these activities at the reading tables...just as warm-ups.  After we have practiced them several times..I will then feel comfortable enough to place them into their literacy baskets!

This is also a fun chunk video I found on YouTube! :)

If you're interested in viewing more of this packet you can view it below!  I also have a long vowel version! :)  If you are one of my guided reading bundle owners...K or already own the short vowel {k} and long vowels {1'st}

Click below to view more...

Have a great week....oh yeah....keep on rocking it!  You ARE making a difference!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Recap of Storms and Peek at Frogs {freebie too!}

It's SPRING!!!!!  We know what that means..........s.u.m.m.e.r is on the way!  Tell me that I am not the only one dreaming of that?! ha!  This past week we studied storms!  It was a lot of fun and the kids learned so much!  You can see above the books we paired for the week...all of them are equally fun and engaging!  We also read a story called, A Water Drop's Journey.  I will explain more about that one later.  Here are my plans from last week...

Here is our prior knowledge and our new knowledge!  This week I finally remembered to use alternate colors to show their new and previous learning!

The kids really picked up on the importance of storms and that even though storms can be scary at times, they are not always so bad!

This week's vocabulary words...they were a little more abstract, but we worked hard!

Can, have, are...

This week we also worked on a mini service learning project!  We learned all about keep our streams clean and safe for our drinking water.  We did a little experiment to show the effect trash has on our water.  I filled up this jar with clean water and the kids then picked up trash from around the school and we placed it in the jar.  Well, I unfortunately on Friday afternoon I dumped it out and as I was...I thought to myself I should have taken a picture, but you'd probably be happy that I didn' was DISGUSTING!  
The kids were so amazed at how dirty and icky the water got...they decided they would not want to drink that water!  We also made posters to hang up in the school.  We wanted to teach our friends the importance of cleaning up trash!

We then took it one step further by walking over to the park and picking up trash there too!  We actually collected more trash on the short walk to the park, than the actual park...I guess that is a good thing though?

Our community wasterwater representative also came and spoke to the kids about the importance of keeping our streams clean.  He showed the kids pictures of streams that had been cleaned up...the kids were astonished!

In writing this week we wrote opinion stories on storms, factual stories, and this connect it writing!  For this writing the students connected our nonfiction and fiction texts!

In math we continued with addition!  This past week I wanted to really work on the fluency aspect of addition since we had worked on combining sets for a couple of weeks prior!  The kids really love playing "Around the World"....yeah old school ;)  However, with that game you have to patiently wait for your turn and then BAM your turn is over. So, I made these addition cards for the kids to use with their partners.  The first partner would be the teacher and state the addition problems...the second partner would answer the problems.  I would then say my Whole Brain Teaching cue, "UH OH, SWITCH!" The students would then switch roles....they loved it!

 You can download the cards for free below!  We started by using these a couple weeks ago when we were just combining sets!  They can work great for both.

We also worked on finding missing addends!  I illustrated the images in black and then colored the first set in.  The students then helped me to discover the missing set!

We also looked at missing addends with model drawing!  We learned to draw circles for the total amount that we know.  We then crossed out the one part we already knew....then we could see our missing addend.  I also encouraged the students to check their work!  You know for the kiddo that would write 10 as their answer....well does 10 and 4 make 6?
We are also rockin' and rollin' still in KinderPhonics!  This week we worked on the two sounds oo makes!  Now...don't judge me if you see any words in the wrong column LOL!  I've realized here in Missouri we say words with a little 'twang' and that has a for sure affect!

Alright, you can download my plans for next week below!  Here is a snapshot of our week....

It's frog week!!! woooohooo!

Download the plans below...

 Have a FANTASTIC week!