Monday, April 14, 2014

"Wand"erful Guided Reading Activities! (and a quick sale)

Hey there friends!  I am super pumped about my new packet!  I've been using bingo wands with my little ones for awhile now!  However, we moved past the simple stretching of words.  So, I hear "Are we going to use the bingo wands?"  I made it my mission to make new meaningful activities they could use their bingo wands with AND learn!  Score!

This packet focuses on the four major literacy areas; letter names, letter sounds, phoneme segmentation, and nonsense words!  There are 11 different versions of activities in the packet!  If you haven't used magnetic bingo wands in your classroom...your kids would LOVE you forever if you were to snag one or a class set!  I purchased my bingo wands that come with an additional 100 magnetic chips for each right at $3.  You can click HERE to view the wands I purchased!

No you don't HAVE to have magnetic bingo wands!  This packet is versatile!  Your kiddos could also use bingo daubers for the majority of the activities or any kind of manipulative you have laying around!  There is just something about a MAGNETIC, MAGICAL, WAND!  You know they are five and six so the wow factor is needed at times!

Here is a QUICK video from one of my little ones!

Below are a view snapshots of the packet!

I've stored all of the printables in my guided reading caddy!  I have binder clipped the activities together!

Letter Sounds

                                    Letter Sounds with digraphs!  Blends are also included!

Phoneme segmentation with CVC words!  CVCC and CCVC also included in the packet!

                                                               Phoneme segmentation

Letter Names

Nonsense words

Phoneme segmentation stretchers

Phoneme segmentation picture cards

Nonsense words stretchers

Letter formations- - great for the beginning of the year!

Capital/Lowercase letter id

                                                                 Beginning Sounds

This packet has 80 printable activity pages!  Click below to view more and see a preview of each activity!  The packet sells for $6, but will be on sale for $5 for the remainder of the week!

Also, save an additional 15% off in my store April 15th only!!!  Click the image below to head over to my store!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Subtraction in K!

This is a throw back post!  We will be starting subtraction this I mentioned with our addition unit we are starting a new series this year!  I am still becoming familiar with it so I wanted to go ahead and share subtraction ideas for those of you starting!

I started with small, building blocks this year and that has helped to eliminate the mass confusion!  We have also watched some favorite videos and played some fun hands-on games that have also helped with the transition.

I like to start with simple subtraction stories as a way to introduce subtraction.  We did a lot of role playing out simple subtraction problems by having students come up to the front of the room.  Below is a fun and interactive video for subtraction stories!

I also had my students do a simple subtraction sticker story.  I gave each student 3 colored stickers and then they crossed out a certain number to make a simple subtraction problem.  See below for the freebie template!

Click  {HERE} for the freebie sticker story template!

On day 2 of our subtraction unit we worked on hands-on activities!  This adorable game and matching book comes from
Miss Kindergarten Love's Spring and Math Literacy CentersPacket

We played, 5 birdies in the tree!  I called out how many birds the students needed to remove each time and then I wrote the problem on the board for them to see.  They did very well with the hands-on and then seeing how that connected to what I wrote on the board.

After we worked with the birdies in the tree, we read and worked through this adorable matching book!

You can check out this packet by clicking below!
We also started to work this week with number bonds and the correlation as to finding the missing number in the number bond!  I created these easy to follow practice sheets and the students have responded very well to them.  This is a guided sheet...where the student simply writes in the missing number in the equation.  I have the sheets differentiated in the packet so they can also fill in the entire equation themselves.

Click below to view the packet on TpT.  It sells for $4.00 and includes 34 pages.

We have also started subtraction word problems!  In my packets students show their answers using a picture, number line, equation, and answer statement!

I just posted to new addition & subtraction packets!  They sell for $2 each.

If you haven't previously came across this video, it's great one!  The kids beg for it!

The following video shows how to use objects to subtract!

The following video shows how to use the subtraction sign!

This is one of my kiddos favorite subtraction games!  It's called Critter Junction!

The following is song, Ten in a Bed.  For this one I have my students put up ten fingers and they take one down each time a little guy falls out of bed!

The last part to our subtraction unit is fluency!  We have started our timed fluency tests and I am "quizzing" the kiddos their subtraction facts in the hallway before they go into the restroom.  It's super important to remember that as part of the Common Core the students only need to be fluent within 5.  I only "quiz" them over facts to 5...we work on subtraction with 10 but not in a fluency fashion.

Click below to view my fluency tests for both addition & subtraction!

I will also be sending home a set of flash cards home for my kiddos!  I got my flash cards {HERE}.  They sell for $2.

Click below to grab a freebie subtraction with 5 practice sheet!

Hope you enjoyed this throwback!

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Moon Close Read {writing freebie included}

Howdy friends!  Last week we went to the moon & back! :)  Another close read down!  Each week when I announce what the following close read will be there is a ROAR!  The kids are truly in love with their close read...they see fun, excitement, and the unknown.  I see learning, comprehension, and a love of learning!

We changed it up a little this week  with our book choice.  I really struggled with finding the perfect book to study the moon.  The books were too easy or too difficult.  I finally settled on this reader!  It's from our "old" reading series, Making Meaning. The book is still in print, click below to view the listing!

I like to start out the close read on Monday mornings by just having the kiddos tell me EVERYTHING they know about the subject.  So, students turn and talk with their partners, then share out their ideas and I chart them on the poster.

Below is my sister's chart where the students decided that the moon was actually not made out of cheese ;)

On Mondays we also address the week's essential question!  The goal is that by the end of the week every student will be able to state the question and answer!  However, they usually know both a lot sooner!

As always Tuesday are vocabulary days!    

For this close read we focused on it in writing as well {see more below}.  So, we made several charts to help us gather our thoughts!

The kiddos worked on these great diagrams for their moon informational booklets {below}.

We followed up with our study of the moon during writing as well!  We worked on a page out of informational booklets each day!  Be sure to grab these freebie booklets below!


Click below to grab the freebie!

 Sweet Kristen Smith has this great hands-on activity for craters in her Moon Packet!  {see below}


If you are just hearing about close reads be sure to click on the label "close reads" on the right side of my blog >>>  Also, if you are interested in getting started you can view my packets by clicking below! 

Much Love,