Sunday, January 25, 2015

MLK Recap & Polar Bear Week Plans

My sister took that picture with her sweet and fitting for our focus last week- -coming together to make a difference!  Last week we read Ron's Big Mission, a realistic fiction text!  If you haven't read that one is great and the kids really get a solid understanding of how times have changed for the better and how to stand up for something you believe in!  You can download my plans from last week by clicking below!

We used several great activities from A Year of Many First's Martin's Big Dream packet! Below you can see our dreams for the future....

Vocabulary, essential question, and theme bubble chart...

Below is craft and writing my sister's class they will change the world!

In writing we started how-to stories!  I started off by reading Pizza at Sally's to get the kiddos thinking about the steps to make pizza.  We talked about how we write how-to stories as if the person reading our story has never done it before!

How to Build a Snowman.... 

First, you roll a snow ball.  Next, you put the head on.  Last, you decorate it!

How to make a sandwich...
First, get the bread.  Next, get the PB and J.  Last, put the bread on the sandwich and eat it!

You can download all of these how-to writing templates for free by clicking below!

In math we started talking about counting by 2's to 20.  We discussed when to count by two's....when we are trying to count more efficiently and when things come in pairs like socks!  So, we counted up our socks a few times!

 I illustrated counting by 2's on the board for the kiddos to visually see the skips.  We talking about the skipped number is like the whisper number and we practiced that for those that needed to hear that skipped number.

2, *whisper 3*, 4, *whisper 5*, 6, *whisper 7*, 8, whisper 9*, 10......

The next day the kiddos got their hands on making cube sets of 2's to 20....

After they had their cube sets of two to 20 they got to write the skips to 20 using dry erase marker...."Oh my, did the teacher just tell us to write on the table?!!"

See the kiddos in action....

Each day we followed up our practice with independent sheets!  I whipped these up after quickly noticing that programs lack kid-friendly skip counting practice!

You can view the practice sheets by clicking below!  I also have 5's and 10's :)

Next week is nonfiction Polar Bears!  Can't can download those plans below!

Now just a few random thoughts....I JUST updated the endless guided reading mega bundle with these two new packets!  If you are a mega bundle owner you can download the updates or email me!

You can view just the two new packets as well!  Comprehension passages come with three versions of each story...a simple read, read and circle answers, or read and write answers!  Click below to view more....

Write sound by sound is filled with several sound box cards...I love using these sound box cards at reading group, but especially as a independent literacy center! If you'd like to view those you can click below!

Also....kick the winter blues with a 2-day sale!  If you've had your eye on any packets they are on sale for 2-% off through Monday!

Alrighty friends I'm out!  Have a super-fabulous-wonderful week!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

February Giveaways, Freebies, & More!

Say it isn't so...February is in our futures!  I'm sure it's just another month if you are lucky enough to live in a warm part of the world...but in my world it's one month closer to WARMTH!  I love to get these monthly posts out with plenty of time before the end of the month so those that like to plan ahead can do so!  Below I will share with you a few "go to" packets that I use for will then have a chance to win all three for yourself!

Up first?  How about a little talking about weekends talk....this month's packet includes the activities for groundhog's day, Presidents's day, 100th day of school, dental hygiene, Valentine's day and more!

You can see below a preview of the activities included but here is a little rundown...
Included in the packet:

Writing Activities {22 pages}: Nonfiction All About Groundhogs Book, Making a Valentine’s List, Groundhogs Informational Writing, Opinion Writing Story Starters, February Pictionary, How to Brush Teeth Writing, Writing Journal, and Friendship Writing.

Math Activities {34 pages}: Number Word Match Ups {whole group & independent}, Heart Ten Frames- Teen Numbers, Valentine’s Card Sort & Graph, Valentine Candy Hearts Sort & Graph, Valentine’s Addition/Subtraction Practice Sheets, 2D & 3D Shapes Practice Sheets, and Place Value: Build a Number {whole group & independent}.

Word Work Activities {22 pages}: Valentines Sort –beginning & final sound versions, Mr. Groundhog {short vowel & long vowel sort}, Heart in the Middle {2 versions}, Read it and write it {sight word practice}, Silent e practice sheet, and Broken Words {blend & write new words}.

Content Activities {21 pages}: Writing activities for President's Day, 100th day project, 100th day snack parent letter, 100th day home project, groundhog writings, and a simple science experiment idea.

Recess Ideas {7 pages}: Missing groundhog activity & playdoh mats

Simple Print Sub Plan Activities {21 pages}: Instruction page for substitute and activities for read aloud, writing, math, & word work. All needed materials included.

Teacher Organization {10 pages}: Ideas to stay on task in 2015, February 2015 calendar, winter thank you cards, to do lists.

Click below to download the preview!

   You will have a chance to win this packet below!  If you are interested in the bundle for the    year you can click directly below!

Up next in the giveaway...Valentine literacy centers and oh my word!  These centers are the cutest...can't it just be hearts and pink every month?  Here is a little quick description of each activity included.


Hearts in the Middle- students will write the missing medial sound.

Buzzing short and long vowels- Students will sort the bee cards to the long vowel or short vowel flower card.

A Chocolatey Real vs Nonsense sort- students will read each "word" and decide if it is a real     word or a nonsense word, then write it accordingly.

Valentine's CVC Roll- Students will roll the CVC cube and record their answers.

Heart Line Up- Students will read the sight word card and line up the hearts correctly and record their answers.

If you are interested in my valentine literacy centers you will have a chance to win them below!  You can also view my literacy centers for the year you can click HERE.

And the month wouldn't be complete without math centers for the month!  These centers are hot off the press and have been added to my math and literacy centers bundle for the year!  This month's skills include; adding two more, skip counting, combining sets to 20, fluent addition within 10, and number identification to 20.


If you are interested in my valentine math centers you will have a chance to win them below!  You can also view my literacy centers for the year you can click HERE.

Now is your chance to win all three packets from above!  I will choose two lucky winners to get all THREE!  The giveaway will end Thursday, Jan. 22nd at midnight.  After you enter keep scrolling for some February freebies!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now it's time for some February freebies!  Below is February dated writing paper for your sweet babes...

The 100th day of school always falls in February for us...
so how about a couple of freebies for that! You can download these 100th day snack mats...

And a quick and easy 100th day writing prompt...

Also...if you haven't snagged this free preview to my step by step guided reading lessons you can still snag that by clicking below!

If you need some more ideas for winter you can check out my winter board on Pinterest!

Whelp....that's all I got for now!  Have a GREAT start to your week!