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My classroom is coming along!

Tuesday afternoon I was able to get into my classroom and start setting up!  School starts August 23rd but teachers are back August 20th!  I am finally feeling like things are coming into place.  However, we all know that the night before school starts we are still adding to our "to do" list! 

I have found this Summer that blogging, blogs, Pinterest, & Teachers Pay Teachers are simply put; awesome!!  Below I will share some of the things in my classroom that I have blogged about, found on other great blogs or Teachers Pay Teachers.  Also, one of the best places to get teaching ideas.... it's your teaching buddies! It does make perfect sense. Teaching buddies have the same interests and love for teaching like you do!  I will share some great ideas I have gotten from my across the hall teaching buddy!

This shelf hold my 8 math center tubs and my math manipulatives are in matching white/clear containers.  The idea is that I will have 2 students at each math center tub= 16 and then the other 4-6 students will be with me at my table partaking in math interventions! 

A blurry but close up version of my math manipulative tubs!  If you would like the free labels click
{here}.  My math center tub labels sell for $2 in my store, click {here}.

Did I mention how TpT has changed teaching?  I found this fabulous packet from Growing Kinders called; It's Calendar Time!  I LOVE IT!  It will be such a benefit for our math skills. Click {here} to view the packet on TpT, it sells for $10- but it has everything you'll need for the whole year!

I have placed the calendar pages inside a three ring binder.  To save a little money I used the Pinterest idea to place duck tape along the side of a ziploc bag.  It works great and it is a lot more sturdier!  I did buy the super cute duck tape at Walmart.  I placed 1 pencil and 2 crayons inside each pouch.

My calendar board is a little less busy this year because I will be doing some portions of calendar on the smartboard!  The owl cards up in the corner I will use for "WHOO" is the leader.  The specials' cards are a freebie click {here}.  I use Singapore Math place value cards {the orange/red/white cards} and I wanted them on my calendar board so I cut the top of a Ziploc bag off and placed them inside of that and stapled it to my board.  It's not the cutest but hey it works!

These are super adorable poster sets that come from Christie at First Grade Fever!  She has been posting some awesome freebies and did I mention- they are so cute! 

I can be a Good Listener!

Whole Brain Teaching Rules & Callback Posters!

Click {here} to go to First Grade Fever!

Classroom Library!!

I'm just sure I have talked about these before but they are so beneficial that I must share with you again!  These are reading comprehension strategies!  I purchased the matching beanie babies from eBay.  So, when I am teaching the kiddos about digging for details I pull out Digger the Dog!  The kids love these!  I purchased the posters from TpT!  Click {here} to check them out!

Behavior Clip Chart!!  Last year it seemed like a large percent of my paycheck was going towards treasure box toys!  So, this year we've combined the clip chart with our behavior punch cards.  Here's how it works; if a student stays on green they will get 1 punch, blue 2 punches, purple 3 punches.  Obviously if they move their clip down they will not receive a punch..wahhh!  Once their punch card has 20 punches they get to go shopping from the best behavior catalog.  You can grab the punch cards & best behavior catalog {here} for only $3!!

Here are my ten frames!  I just know this is going to be sooooo helpful!  I also believe that the more they see it they more they believe in it!  Do you know what I mean?  If they see it a couple of times it doesn't mean too much.  However, if they see if over & over again something clicks!  I have these in my TpT store for $3. You can choose from 6 color choices! Click {here} to view!

Another great TpT find!!  This has been very popular on pinterest! Bless their little hearts but we all have a few kiddos that need to change their transportation  a lot!  This clip chart help so much....just switch their clip and your done.  I placed the bus icon on the bottom just so it would be the easiest to read for a substitute.  I am also going to place their bus numbers on the clip along with their names!  Click {here} to see it on TpT.  It sells for $3 in Miss Nelson's store! 

We had an organization donate stuffed animals to our kinders!  I made this cutsie sign and placed the animals in a laundry basket.  If you would like this sign you can click {here}.

Here's a picture of my guided reading chair pockets!   I love having chair pockets at my guided reading table.  It makes for quick and easy access to supplies.  See that pink bowl...keeping reading!

I found these little bowls at the Family Dollar.  Get this- they are 6 for $1!  That to me is an out of this world buy! 

I saw this idea on Pinterest to keep a "trash bucket" at each table during times when students are doing a lot of cutting.  Grab your trash bucket free labels by clicking {here}.  2 versions are included- trash bucket and paper please!

I think as a teacher we have to be willing to learn and grow just as we expect our students to do!  I am constantly learning from those around me!  Below are a few ideas my teaching buddy has shared with me!!  The first 2 go along with our reading series, Journeys. 

This h-u-g-e blue box is what the reading series company sent for us to store our picture cards in.  My teaching buddy had the idea to condense down to a smaller's mine!

That is a huge difference in size!  I have a lot more room on my counter now! Yay!

Do you follow a reading series with set questions or do you have certain questions you like to ask for a story?  Well maybe this idea has been around forever but my teaching buddy showed me what she does to be sure she is asking all the right questions without her teaching manual:

Photocopy or print off the questions and tape onto the back of your book!
Why didn't I think of that? :)

 Now I have to admit that I don't always like to change things up...If it's working why change it? Well what if it could save you time, energy, and paper? My first year of teaching I sent home a weekly progress report for each student. It was one sheet per student per week per year...yeah that's a lot of paper and filing!  So last year my teaching buddy showed me her idea for progress reports! I loved the idea I was just unsure if I would get the progress reports back each week.
I gave it a try and it was a success!!

Here's how it works...print off the progress report {below} and the labels {below}.  Staple the progress report onto a piece of construction paper, fold in half, and place the label onto the front.  The parents initial and return each week.  You only have to file once per quarter...yes please!!!

Click below to grab your freebie!!

Thanks so much!!


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    Growing Kinders

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