Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's December!

I'm sorry it's been so long since my last update!  I hope everyone is doing well and counting down the days until Christmas vacation!  I grabbed some great finds during the TpT cyber Monday!  I can't wait to show you our adorable Santa craftivities from Miss Kindergarten!  We will be working on those this week along with writing our letters to Santa for the local newspaper.

I could have swore I shared with you about my reflective sheets.... but I looked and no I haven't!  Anyway, as teachers we take time daily/weekly to reflect on our teaching and how we believe our students are doing. However, do you take the time to ask you students about their learning?

When this question was posed to us at a PD I thought to myself and really couldn't remember asking all students about their learning individually.  It seems as a whole class I am constantly assessing their understanding with comprehension questions, thumbs up/down, etc.  So I put together some reflective sheets and we've been doing them since the week before Thanksgiving break!

These reflective recording sheets allow for the students to discuss their learning either daily or on a weekly basis.  We have been doing ours together each afternoon on the smartboard.  I am hoping after the new year to give students their own copy to complete on their own.  I will also provide a note home to parents about the importance of discussing the sheets with their kiddos each evening!


3 things they learned: counting, missing numbers, adjective. 

Student drawing:{smartboard}...number line with missing number

Student drawing: {smartboard} number line with missing number.  Why they enjoyed it- fun & exciting.

Inside the packet:
-6 independent daily reflective recording sheets
-6 whole class daily reflective recording sheets
-6 independent weekly reflective recording sheets
-6 whole class weekly reflective recording sheets

*note these are the same 6 sheets, but we different wording to go along with if it whole class/independent or daily/weekly.   Click on the picture below to view on TpT!

- - - - - - - - - - - -  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
In math we have been talking a lot about how do we know that's the answer!  I put together some sheets that ask for the students to prove their answer!  My kids are getting much better at answering the "how do you know" question, but it can be really tricky!  I think I am guilty of asking simple questions and having a one word answer be okay.  This really pushes them to think and process the question in their head!

The first one we did was "How many candles have you blown out since your first birthday?  Prove it!"  I made 5 cake cutouts and the candles to go a long with it.  We did this one together!  Before beginning I asked the student who was 5 years old how many candles he thought he had blown out and he said 5!  The kids were thrilled when we solved the problem to find out it was actually 15 {unless they are six- then it's 21}.  Here's the pictures...

Click on the pictures below to view on Tpt!

Isn't this time of year just great?


  1. i'm getting stulled this year. i am really working on asking meaningful questions.

  2. Hi Tara! I just came across your blog and am wondering how I have missed it! You have such wonderful ideas and I am excited to use them! I am currently in my 1st year of implementing Daily 5 and am curious how you have set yours up. I noticed that you have Word Work "baskets" how does that work? Does each kid have to complete each basket?

  3. I have 3 word work baskets! I rotate who works on them daily :)