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March Writing Journal {Freebie}

I just can't beleive that it is March already!  Click {here} for a March writing journal template {freebie}.  Also, leap over to my TPT store to grab some Common Core products!


Happy Leap Day everyone!

Leap Day Sale!

In case you haven't already heard the buzz TPT is offering 10% off on Leap Day!  Also,  at my store as well as several other top sellers' stores there will be  an additional 20% off!  That makes 28% off in total! Fill up your cart and grab some great finds like the {Common Core Questioning Jar}!!!
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Addition Story Problems

In my Kindergarten class we've been working hard at mastering addition!  Due to implementing the Common Core this year we are spending a lot of additional class time on addition than we did last year.  This past week along with next week we will be working on standard K.OA.2 (solving addition and subtraction story problems).

  We have been adding with pictures and completing addition story problems {Freebie}.  This week we are also going to use {these} simple addition story problems.  With these story problems the students will be able to read, comprehend, and complete the entire problem on their own. 

Up to now I have been displaying the word problem on the Smartboard and we have been completing it as a group before dismissing for independent practice.  I think they are really going to enjoy completing these simple to read story problems on their own- so exciting!!!

Our Door Display- Tad's Bug Jar (so sorry it's blurry)
*We can solve addition story problems and show our answers 4 ways*

Meet Tara

Hello all,
Thanks so much for becoming a follower of my blog! I hope you can stop by and always get some form of enlightening teaching moment. I thought I would take a moment to tell you a little more about myself.  This is my second year teaching Kindergarten in a mid-size Mid-Missouri town. I teach at my former K-5 Elementary school. It was those great teachers that inspired me to become a teacher! I love Kindergarten! Everyday is filled with many "Ah-ha" moments and "Wow, I can do that" moments.

My district started adopting the Common Core standards for Kindergarten this past Summer. I enjoy finding ways to better implement the Common Core in my classroom and really love being able to share those ideas with not only my colleagues but for all of you as well!



My first giveaway!  I think I am more excited than anyone else!  I am a Kindergarten teacher trudging through the Common Core along with thousands of other teachers!  I created the "Common Core Questiong Jar" as a quick and easy way to ask Common Core mathematics questions and ways of thinking.  I use my jar at the beginning of calendar time.  I give it a good shake, pull out a question, and based on the question ask it whole-group or individually.

This packet includes 130 questions.  On each question card the CCSS standard is listed.  Also, in the packet is the labels for the jar.   The give away ends Saturday 2/25! Click {here}to see a preview!

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Thanks & happy entering!


TPT Sale!

I am having a President's Day Sale on my TPT website!  The sale goes from Sunday 2/19- Monday 2/20.   Check it out and enjoy the savings! Have an awesome President's Day!

Kindergarten -


Common Core Supplements

Check out these two Common Core classroom routines!
This is the Common Core Questioning Jar!  This jar is filled with all of the common core mathematics standards.  The standards are addressed in easy to read/understand questioning cards.  I use this jar during calendar time.  I pull out one question a day. I have one student or the class answer the question!
This is listed on my TPT Store for $5- Check it out!

Roar to the Common Core
This is "Roar to the Core!"  A quick and fun way to focus on a Common Core standard!  Choose a new topic word, phrase, definition each day ie. verb.  Write that word on the 'roar' poster.  Throughout the day I will say "Roar." The students will reply back "Roar! A verb is an action like run, jump, and play!" Check this out on my TPT Store for $1.

Have an awesome weekend!

Estimation Jar {Freebie}

Happy Wednesday!

  My district adopted the new Common Core Standards this past fall.  Now we are beginning training on rigor & relevance in the classroom.  Check it out here.  Basically, you are asking those higher order thinking questions and covering all of the complex ways in which we think- going deeper within our teaching and the student's learning.  One example activity is that of esitmation, with the question "how many?"  I made two jars in my classroom.  One will be the jar filled with some kind of item that the students will guess, the other jar will be for their answers.  It is a {Freebie} at my Teacher Pay Teachers store. 

Have a great rest of the week,

Presidents Cut & Paste

  Hello all!  President's day is one week away.  The following worksheets give students an excellent opportunity to study President Lincoln & President Washington while recognizing their letters.  The worksheets have students match the lower & uppercase letters to form the President's last name.
Lincoln cut & paste

Washington cut & paste
The worksheets sell for $1.00 each in my Teachers Pay Teachers store and are from my larger President's Day unit which sells for $3.00

President's Day Unit

Thanks for stopping by!  I plan to post pictures from my classroom later in the week.
Have an awesome week, my week started off with a snowy Monday!

President's Day Unit

President's Day Thematic Unit*  This unit is suited well for Kindergarten-First grade.  However, the unit can be easily adapted for higher grade levels. The math activities go directly with the new Kindergarten Common Core Standards, which my district has adopted this year.

Activities Included:
- My President's Day Easy Reader (High-Frequency words: this, see, is, the)
- My President's Day Easy Reader (George Washington)
- President Lincoln Upper/Lowercase ID page

- President Washington Upper/Lowercase ID page
- Math Center/Daily 5 Game (match addition sentence to solution)
- Math Center/Daily 5 Game Addition Record Sheet
- Hands-on Science Experiment (What will change the penny?) (materials, supply list) 
- Hands-On Experiment Record Sheet (my prediction, my results-room for pictures)
- Hands-on Experiment coin sorting map (easy way to sort coins after soaking)
- Penny Spill Worksheet (math tally worksheet-spill the coins, tally heads/tails, totals)
- President Lincoln Craft (instructions, supply list, photos)
- "If I were president" writing prompt/paper
- "Dear Mr. President" writing/prompt paper

President's Day Unit




I am brand new to blogging so I will fall and stumble I'm sure!  I teach Kindergarten in a average size Mid-Missouri town!  This is my second year teaching Kindergarten and I love it!  Kindergarten is so rewarding and simply amazing!    Thanks for stopping by to see me!