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Common Core Number Bracelets {Freebie}

Happy Tuesday! 

Today in Math we moved from number bonds to number bracelets.  We first revisited the story of 5.  Each student has their own number bracelet which they are able to manipulate.  After our 'practice run' at the carpet I sent the students back to their seats to manipulate the bracelet and record their answers on the recording sheet (see freebie packet below)!  Check out yesterday's number bonds if you haven't already!

These are my 10 bracelets, but it shows you the concept!

Click the number bracelet printable for the {freebie pack!!!}


Reports-Number Bonds-Zoo-Spring & Freebie!

Hello!  It is finally looking like Spring here in Missouri!  Today could have actually passed as Summer, 80 degrees!  This week in Writing we are working on reports.  Today's report was based from a story we read this morning, Red Eyes, Blue Feathers.  We chose one animal from the story to complete a group report on.  The students voted on chameleon.  Check out a few of our reports below.  We will continue to build on our reports throughout this week, into next!  See below for a fabulous report freebie!

Click for report template {freebie} via {Ashley Klein}
Last week I posted pictures of our grass seed people.  The kids were so excited to see that their grass seed had grown over the weekend.  This "experiment" is fabulous!  Just a few supplies; cups, soil, grass seed, and water! 


This week in Math we began to work with Common Core number bonds and the story of 5.  We will also work with number bracelets starting tomorrow!  The following is the "story of 5."  This is our first year for the Common Core hence our first attempt at this concept!  I was SO excited and thrilled to see how great the kiddos did.  To help with the concept I told the students that we need to make 5 each time and held up five fingers.  Furthermore, when we came to 4 and ___ I held up 4 fingers and had the students tell me how many more I needed to make 5 (fingers not held up on that hand).  Hope that makes sense!!!  Here is our Story of 5 chart. 

We then went on to the number bond of 5.  The first number bond of 5 practice has pictures to aid the students.  The second practice does not have the helping pictures.

And the student's completed work:

Grab these number bond practice pages at my Tpt store.  Click below to hop over there!

And lastly this week in Content we began Deanna Jump's {zoo unit}.  Our first attempt into the Zoo world.
Striped animals, spotted animals, we like you!!

Have a fab-ulous week!

Spring Sale!!

Click the picture to skip over to my TpT store for 20% off! Sale runs through Wed., March 28th!

Treasure Hunters Freebie!

Freebie for all!!  I'm so excited to surpass 100 followers on my blog.  Here is a treasure hunters freebie pack!  Enjoy & thank you for your support!  I am attaching it to my Tpt store in case I need to make any changes, leave me a message if you would like it emailed (don't forget to leave me your address!)

Invitations {freebie} & Spring Continued!

Hello Hello!

  Today we wrote invitations!  We started with the who, what, where, & when!  Then, the students had a chance to illustrate their invitations with drawings & characters!  They did a super job.  It did take a little convincing that these were simply "made up" invitations!  Tomorrow we will write invitations to our Popcorn Party (which we are really having)!  They are beyond excited!  Click the invitation below to grab it for free!

Check out the Cinderellas :)

We also continued with our Spring unit!  Our grass seed characters are hopefully "growing."  However, here in Missouri we have had a few cloudy & rainy days!  Maybe the sun will peek out tomorrow.  Today we watched a Harry Kindergarten YouTube {video} for plant needs  and completed the plant needs worksheet from my Spring Unit!

Have an another awesome afternoon!

First day of Spring & {Freebie}

Hello all!
  Happy first day of Spring!  Today we started our look into the parts of a plant, plant needs, and planted the beginnings of very nice grass hair!  Today we began by looking at the parts of a plant.  We discussed all of the important parts.  We also spoke about the important needs of a plant.  After doing so we planted our own seeds.  We decided our seeds would need soil, water, and sunlight! 

Our seed cups, waiting to sprout!  We decided like in Leo the Late Bloomer our seeds will not "bloom" while being watched! We decided to observe only in the morning and afternoon!

Optional Idea: make a face on the cup so when the grass grows it will look like hair!  We will also give our cups and nice "hair cut!"

Parts of a flower, trace, write,  & color!

These activities plus more are available {here} for $5

 And because I appreciate all of my fabulous viewers a freebie from the above mentioned packet:

Have a great Tuesday evening! 
Check back this week for number bonds and awesome number bracelets!

Leo the Late Bloomer & {Freebie}

Hello again!
     So sorry for the delay in posts, conquered Parent/Teacher conferences for 2 nights (a complete success I must add).  Anyhow, this week we read Leo the Late Bloomer  and completed a very neat writing craftivity!  After reading the book we made a list of ways we have "bloomed" since starting Kindergarten.  Then, the students wrote their ideas on the flower petals.  The finished product is so cute!  (See below)  I displayed their blooming flowers outside my door for their parents to view at conferences.  I believe this project really helped them to understand how many things they have learned this year. 

The {Freebie}!!!!

Have a great rest of the weekend!

* If the google docs link does not work click {here} to grab it from my Tpt store!  Sorry!!

Addition Resource!

Oh my goodness!  I found this site last week and got to use it today with my class!  It went so well!  We are working on addition fluency within 5.  Yes, I want them to know the answers automatically, but there are some students that need additional resources to solve problems- like using their fingers!!

Anyway, this site has a set of interactive hands for the Smartboard!  We worked on several problems and the kiddos loved it!  Click the hands to go check it out!

Mario Word Family Sorts!


   Are your students crazy about Mario Bros?  Mine are!  So, why not incorporate Mario into a little word family sort?!  In this packet is 4 word family sorting boards {-at, -it, -ick, - ack}, 32 word family sorting cards, and 2 word family recording sheets.  My students have been so  intrigued with the "ck" ending so I thought this sort would be another great way to intro and see the "ck." Pick up for $3 at my {TpT Store}

Also, because I am so close to celebrating my 100th follower I am going to send this sort to the first 5 people to comment and leave me their email addresses! 

Have a great week! (parent/teacher conferences for me this week)

An Award :)

I was soooo excited to see I had recieved an award- a really awesome one at that!!! Thanks to Kimberlee at {Two Fulbright Hugs}!

Top 10 TBA


More for the Core!! Addition fluency & Freebie

Hello Again! 
This week we continued our focus on addition practice, focusing on the fluency within 5.  I began using {these addition flashcards} during Calendar and for added practice in the hallway before restroom breaks.  I printed on card stock and placed on a metal ring for easy use.  I also printed & cut a set for each student to go home this week during Parent/Teacher conferences. These flashcards are aligned directly to the Kindergarten Common Core!  Each set I could purchase through online sources or at a store always had high numbers that I didn't need.  These were just what I was looking for! (Thanks to TpT!!!)

  I also started addition timed tests this week.  It actually went really well!  It did of course take some teaching about not starting until I said, "go" and stopping when I said, "okay stop!"  Next week we will start timed test for +1.  I feel this fluency and speed is so vital for their young minds! 

Click {here} to pick up these timed tests for $3.

Yes- you read right!  Here is the freebie I mentioned!!  This is an addition page for more practice with fluency within 5.  Click {here} to download!!

Have an awesome weekend!

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Classroom Management

Happy Sunday!

  I wanted to share with you "one" of my classroom management systems.  It does feel like I have quite a few!  This is a simple and easy system that after initial set-up cost is free of cost for the teacher!  I feel sometimes that my treasure box should be a tax write-off of its own.  I took this idea straight my my student teaching experience.  It is a simple stone(marble) jar idea, but with a twist.  The twist is a Staples Easy Button.  After the students have placed a stone in the jar they are able to also hit the easy button.  This of course is an extra added excitement to just putting in a stone.  Also, creates a perfect teaching moment, "Susie why did you get to push the easy button,"  "because I cleaned up."  "was that easy?"  "yes."

{Just Posted}  Kindergarten Common Core Mathematics Vocabulary/Language word wall cards.
Okay so I am for sure a Kindergarten Common Core Diva.  I want to make 100% sure that I am covering all my bases when it comes to the Common Core.  It's not just the fact that I have to do because it's required of me, but simply because I want to and I enjoy it.  I feel that the Common Core is full of great ideas and concepts.  I want to ensure that my students will be exactly where they need to be for first grade and for third grade when the take the Common Core test.

So on with my babbling... the product I mentioned above has all of the language or words that we as teachers should be using regularly in our classroom.  Words like array, sum, addend, etc.  The packet includes all of the Kindergarten CC words, definitions, check off list, and colorful word wall cards.
Click {here} to pick up the packet for $6.

If you know of any other Kindergarten teachers that are or will be implementing the Common Core please share this blog.  I will be posting some form of Common Core posts weekly!

Have a great week!!  I do have to admit I only have a 4-day week.  No snow days really feels nice with these 4-day weeks!

Daily 5 & Addition Bulletin Board

Take a look at this super cute bulletin board (a TpT freebie find)!!  My teaching buddy and I have been working on addition.  This was a simple and easy way for the kids to work on addition practice and do a craftivity.  You can get the ladybug math art template for free {here}. 

Alrighty, now to Daily 5.  This is my second year teaching with the Daily 5 and I absolutely love it.  The kids do so well with it.  Here are a few photos and my word work activities.

I have 4 listening centers; 2 book on CDs and 2 literacy based listening activities.

We received these AWESOME Listen & Learn based listening activities by grant.  Click {here} to view from Lakeshore.  The kids do really well with these.

Here is one of my books on CDs listening centers.  The students listen to the story and then complete a listening comprehension sheet.  The students write the title, illustrate their favorite part, and write their favorire part.  I got the listening response sheets {here}.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Here are my 4 word work tubs!  I am always amazed with what the students are able to do independently!

Here is another TpT freebie!  Silent "E" is a new concept for my Kindergarteners.  However, this activity seems to have really helped to introduce the concept.  Click {here} for this freebie!

This is the "word family can."  Not my original idea- but I do love it!  The students have the red chip with the word family (ip).  Next, they pull out one chip at a time to build the word.  Then, the students record their words.  Find it {here} on Pinterest.

Here is  short vowel sort.  These are laminated cards and sorting mat.  The students first sort the cards onto the mat. After completing that task the students move onto the short vowel quick assess worksheet.  Pick this vowel sort up for $2 I got it {here}.

My final Daily 5 word work tub is a diagraph sort.  I introduced this activity first in small group, then placed the sort into word work.  You can get this sort for $2.  I got mine {here}
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -