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Daily 5, {Freebie} & More!

Hello!  My Spring Break is coming closer to the end, but that's okay because I know there's only 19 days of school left!  Oh yeah!  Any hoot my Spring break along with the crazy Mid-Missouri weather (Spring, Summer, Winter, Summer???) had me working hard on creating new and exciting things for my classroom!  Like this Bossy E literacy center game!  Hoss is quite the Boss, always insisting that words end with an "E!"

After talking about this next project on FB I found out that a lot of school don't have school nurses!  So, I feel truly lucky to not only have a school nurse, but a fantastic nurse!  Nurse's week is May 6th-12th.  These are super cute nurse-themed writing prompts.  The prompts can be compiled into a class book or an individual book!  Can't wait to present our nurse with the class book! :)

And the last of my weekend projects.....

Still in the making...should have posted tomorrow evening!

Now on to a quick Daily 5 tour!  The following are my Daily 5 literacy centers.

Fluency Trials {Letter Names/Sounds, Nonsense Words, and Phoneme Segmentation}

Literacy Brown Bag Sorts {nonsense vs real words}

Ice Cream parts of speech sort {nouns, verbs, & adjectives}

Easy Word match and record! Click the photo for the recording sheet {freebie}!

And last but not least..... Last week we studied dinosaurs and watched this Brain Pop Jr. on fossils!

Then I showed the students the fossils I had made and they drew their on fossils....

Click {here} for my TpT Dinosaur's Unit

If you are looking for dinosaur ideas check out my dino linky party!

Click the Dino to visit the linky party!!

$100 winner and Common Core Summer Review packet!

And the winner is......drumroll.........

Congrats to Courtney from Swimming into Second for winning a $100 TpT gift certificate! (Courtney, I have submitted the certficate on TpT's website so let me know if you do not receive an email within the next day)!
I've finished my Summer Review math packet! Look at this alarming fact:
Research has shown that students lose approximately 2.6 months of grade level equivalency in mathematical computation over the summer months.
In my Summer review packet parents will have 3 easy to follow and understand Common Core Calendars as well as 18 practice games/pages to review mathematical skills all Summer!

Grab this super cute review pack at my Tpt store for $6

I do have to confess that I don't have students until Tuesday (Spring Break & Teacher's workday- - Also, I cannot believe there are only 19 days of school left! I feel sunshine and the beach in my future! Have an awesome rest of the week!

{Freebie!} and Upcoming Common Core Summer Pack!

Hello again! Thanks to all that have entered for my giveaway! I wish you all the best of luck!! If you haven't entered, see below to win a $100 TpT gift certificate!

Here is what I've been working on....

It is going to be super-awesome of course!  My idea is to use it as a packet to send home with my kiddos over the summer.  We all know what the extended break can do - and research has proven students can lost up to two months of previsouly gained knowledge over the summer! 

I plan to make this packet so much fun that the kiddos won't know their learning.  Also, the parents will be able to "reward" their kiddos with special incentives.  I hope to have this completed and posted on or before Wednesday (giveaway posting and the beginning of my spring break)!
- - - - - - - - - - -

Here is a freebie to practice sight words!  This is can be used in many different ways.  I have laminated the sheets and used them during guided reading with my small groups.  I have also lamined the sheets and placed into my Daily 5 (literacy corners).

You can purchase the full packet {here} for $2.50!

Also, my dinosaur linky party is still going on!  Click on the dino to check it out!

Have a super weekend!

Super Sweet Giveaway- $100 in TpT bucks!!!

Who needs a reason to celebrate and have a giveaway!?  I'm so pumped about Tpt and blogging that I am offering this super sweet giveaway- $100 TpT gift certificate!  Giveaway runs starting Today- Wednesday April 25th.  Which is the start of my Spring Break!  Yes, our spring break is late considering school is out May 24th!

How to Enter
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    If you already follow my blog & store just leave a comment stating so! 
Good luck & be sure to leave your email address when leaving comments!!!

New math & literacy centers, Linky Party, & {freebie}

Hello and happy Monday!
  I was in a creative mode this past weekend and made three new math & literacy center games! (see below)  I also still have a dinosaur {linky party}!  If you have a dino packet/game/unit you can link up!  Or, if you are going to be teaching dinosaurs see if there is anything below that catches your eye!

                                            Parts of Speech Sort {nouns, verbs, & adjectives}

Sequential Order Math Center

Place Value Math Center

All of these games are available in my TpT store for $2.50. Click the picture to view!

And a {freebie} as always!!!  At my school we do Pizza Hut's Book It! reading incentive program until the end of March.  I made this incentive to keep the kiddos reading!  Last year we were a couple of hours away from eating our Popsicles when a tornado came through our town.  Sadly school was cancelled for the remainder of the year and we didn't get to eat our Popsicles!  I think the kids were more upset about missing show & tell and their Popsicles then the tornado! :)

Have an awesome week everybody!

Dinosaurs Linky Party!

Hello!  We will beginning our Dinosaurs unit the week of April 23rd.  What better way to get ready- but a linky party!  We will be making fossils, dino crativity, and so much more!  Join in by adding your link or grab some great Dino finds for your self! 


A Sale!


Interactive Subtraction Game & {Freebie}

Hello and happy Thursday! 
     We are continuing with our subtraction unit!  The kiddos are inlove with the interactive subtraction game, Critter Junction!  You can click the picture below to see for yourself! 

Also, here is a freebie!  Daily 5 writing paper :)

Have a fantastic Friday!

Introduction of Subtraction, {Freebie} & More!

Happy Monday to all,
   Here is our infamous {Deanna Jump} Zebra & Giraffe Venn diagram bulletin board!  This is the second time this year we did the comparison.  In January my teaching buddy did walruses and my class studied polar bears!  This time for our zoo unit my class studied giraffes, and her class was zebras!  We get the two classes together after about a week of studying the animal and the students give oral "facts"  about their animal!  It's so awesome to see how much they learn and so quickly!

In content this week we are going to briefly touch on several subjects like; day & night, living & nonliving, and land & water animals.  A couple of these are quick reviews before we start our Earth Day unit next week.  We began with talking about daytime today.  There are brainpop jr videos for the Sun & Moon if you have a subscription to that :)  If you are not familiar with Brain Pop Jr.  you can click the picture below to visit them!

Here is the quick review worksheet we completed today after discussing all of the things we can see in the daytime sky!

Tomorrow we will discuss the nighttime sky and read the book, Stars, Stars, Stars!

These activities along with many others are available in my Science {part 1} packet for sale at Tpt
Now on to subtraction!  Oh yeah!  I'm so impressed with how our introduction to subtraction went today.  I feel the extended time on addition along with the Number Bonds and Number Bracelets really built a strong foundation for subtraction.  We started with a quick intro with the song Ten in a Bed.  The first time through I invited the students to sing along.  The second time through I had them hold up ten fingers and we would take down a finger each time one fell out of the bed!  Click to view the song!
Then I went into modeling subtraction- that looked like this:
  •  Have students put up 2 fingers on one hand and 1 finger on the other hand.
  • How many fingers do you have up in all? 3
  •  Take away the hand with one finger and put it behind your back.
  • How many fingers are left? 2  How do you know? I can count them.
  • Repeat activity using different numbers.
  • Tell students they can take a part of a group like they did with their fingers.
  • Read this story; Sam bought 3 stickers and gave 1 to her brother.
  • Ask: how many stickers do I need for my story?
  • Place 3 stickers onto the sticker subtraction story worksheet
  • How many stickers did Sam give away? 1
  • Draw a "x" through one sticker.  Ask: How many are left?
My teacher model and one of my student's.

This is our practice worksheet from our math curriculum.  Teacher orally reads the problem; 5 students are on the swings, 2 students many are left? -sorry for the backwards 3's :)

Get your sticker subtraction story!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Be sure to share it with your fellow Kinder lovers!!!


Digraphs and {Freebie}

Hello Hello!
   We finished our zoo unit with making Deanna Jump's giraffe craftivity- so cute (picture to follow)!  In Math we continued with the number story to 8!  We will begin subtraction next week.  I've been so impressed with my student's progress with addition.  Also, their ability to add within 5 fluently! I know I have posted about these {flashcards} before, but I do feel that the greatly impacted their success!  I sent home a copy of the flashcards at Spring conferences and also placed them on a metal ring to review when in the hallways for bathroom breaks.  We have moved on to no flashcards and me being able to state the number equation verbally and then the kids solving it in their head! :)

We have also moved on to introducing the digraphs!  My teaching buddy, {Ashley Klein}, made me these awesomely cute posters for the "H Brothers!"

I've found it to be quite difficult to find cute videos for the digraphs!  However, I did find this Sesame Street one on "ch."

I've also been doing the following digraph sorts as one of my Daily 5 work work choices!
Find these sorts {here} for $2!

And of course- a freebie!!!  This is a quick practice worksheet for the "ch" sound.  Students are to write the -ch sound of the pictures that match the digraph!

Graphics DJ Inkers

                                                                 Have a Hoppy Easter!


Number Bonds Continued and {Freebie}


   This week we continued with our Zoo unit and writing reports about our chosen zoo animal, giraffes!  Today we used online resources to complete our K-W-L chart on giraffes.  Giraffes are simply amazing animals! 
   We are also continuing with number bond of 7 and 8 this week.  Today was the number bond of 7!  The kiddos did an excellent job today!  I have been completely amazed what their able to accomplish with our "deep thinking" skills.

And a freebie of course!!! Click the number bond practice page!

If you are implementing the common core the number bonds are truely a fantastic way to get the kids thinking more about numbers!  You can grab my number bond activities below.  Also, if you have not seen my freebie number bracelets click {here}.

Have an excellent remainder of the week!  Short week for me- no school Friday!