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Freebies Days 4 & 5

Awww.....the end of the year has come & gone!  This year was a lot of fun and I am always sad to see the kiddos go, but you know that they are growing and maturing and will make excellent first graders!  I'm so excited to start a new school year and implement all of our new & improved curriculum along with all of the new ideas I gain at the I Teach Kindegarten conference in Vegas!  However, I need to breathe and enjoy my Summer s-l-o-w-l-y!  Here's days 4 & 5 of freebies!! I'm heading to the lake tomorrow after the work day so I'm posting both freebies today!

Have a happy & safe Memorial Day Weekend!

Freebies Day 3 of 5!

Wooo Wee!!! Field day is exhausting!  The kids seem to no be bothered at all so it must be the age ;)
I'm keeping this short so I can relax and prepare for the last day of school tomorrow!  I loved my first year of teaching, but my second year was even better- I do love my job!! 

Here is a 3D shapes freebie!

Freebies day 2 of 5!

Hello Hello!!
  This freebie comes from my number bond story problems packet on TpT! Numbers bonds are simply- awesome!  If you use them comment me and tell me what you are doing with them....if you haven't used number bonds check out this freebie and comment me what you think!  Happy Tuesday!!

Freebies Day 1 of 5!!

   Summer is so close, yet still doesn't quite feel real yet, 3 days left!  I had previously discussed and posted about number bracelets!  I wasn't aware of them until later in the school year and I used them to introduce addition.  However, number bracelets can be used for MANY reasons and I am planning to pull them out a lot next year.  In this freebie packet are practice pages for the basic intro of number bracelets & then practice pages for addition! 

Have a great Monday!  Check back Tuesday-Friday for additional Freebies!!!

5 Days of Freebies!

Hello all!  We have 4 days of school left...or you could say 3.5 days!  In celebration of the fast approaching summer break I am scheduling daily freebies!  I will post one freebie a day from Monday-Thursday!  Stop by each day to grab your freebie!!  The freebies will all be common core aligned :)

I mentioned in my previous post about our Kindergarten Book Party!  It is an exciting event for the kiddos.  We rotate to all classroom in which the students spend about 20 minutes in each class.  The rotations are based on the book Commotion in the Ocean.  The rotations include; craft, movement & games, snack, and then the book read aloud!

Now to start the freebies early!! This is a part of our assessment pack for next year.  Last year we copied several different packets for each student depending on the quarter.  This year the data for each student will be on one document (with all 4 quarters being represented).   Click the preview to grab this freebie! 

Remember to check back Monday-Thursday for daily freebie posts!  Hoping all are coming closer to that Summer Break! 

I'm still here :)

Hello bloggers!
   I feel so horrible about not keeping up on here!  We have been busy with end of the year assessments, grade cards, and common core meetings for me!  I hope to post mid week with what we've been up to.  Also, the plans for our Ocean themed end of the year book party! We're using.....


I promise to be be back to chit-chat!  I hope the end of the year is closing nicely for all!  Our last day is Thursday, May 24th!  I can smell Summer in the air....

Teacher Appreciation Sale!!

It's Friday.... and yeah you've heard the buzz it's a sale!!!

The sale runs Sunday May 6th- Tuesday May 8thGet 20% off everything in my {Teacher's Pay Teachers} store.  However, you can get an additional 10% off when checking out!  Add the code: tad12 when checking out!  Yeah, you know the math in all that....equals 28% off!  Fill up your cart now with all of your favorites! It is truly the biggest sale of the season!  Check  out some of my favorites....
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Nurse's Week is May 6th-12th!

I will leave you with my favorite quote:

"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free" Frederick DouglassHave a great evening and a fabulous weekend...


Classroom Tidbits!

Can't believe it's midweek already!  I thought I would share with you a few tidbits and happenings in my classroom.  May is an exciting month, but here is Missouri May brings our highest chance for severe weather.  Here is my sever weather set up!  It is a plastic folder (opens at the top only) and the instructions for safely exiting the classroom during an emergency is printed, laminated, and taped to the front of the folder.

Here are the folders.....

Here is one of my many behavior management systems- the clip chart!  This is really one of my favorites and the most loved by the kids!

You can click the picture for the Tpt link where I downloaded it from! of mine and my student's favorites! Reading comprehension strategies!

And the cutsie animals that go with the posters!

These posters have made such a difference during guided reading!  The kids can relate to stretchy snake and get your lips ready fish.  Click {here} to view the reading comprehension posters on Tpt!

Have a fantastic rest of the week!