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Guided Reading Time & Freebies!!

Yeah everyone wants to talk about Guided Reading in July!!  Some background for my guided reading groups; I teach 4 guided readings at 15minutes each!  While I am meeting with students my other students are participating in Daily 5.  I don't do the typical Daily 5 with the mini lessons in between.  I would rather allow for more small group time!  I also don't follow the typical Daily 5 student choices.

I have a Smartboard file that has the Daily 5 headers; read to someone, read to self, word work, work on writing, and listen to read.  I then have a column to the side for guided reading groups.  The students' pictures are under the given header.  This is SO quick!  We do a very fast paced version of Daily 5!  The meeting at the carpet each time allows for students to have time to clean up and for me to draw attention to those that worked hard and cleaned up quietly!  As an incentive to cleaning up quickly I call 3 students to place a stone in our jar that made it to the carpet quickly and sat with a quiet finger while waiting for me.  This allows me a coulple  minutes to get ready for the next group or finish up with my current group. The photo on the side is a screen shot of my Daily 5 Smartboard file.... sorry so small, but have to protect the pictures! :)  I have a weeks worth of files already created so I just flip to the next slide and it's there!  Also, this way I know for sure what student is getting during Daily 5.

My guided reading groups follow a detailed plan (see below)!  Our district encourages us to teach multiple aspects of reading and writing.  My groups start with a form of phonological awareness and/or word work (phonics) depending on the groups level.  I'm sure you are well aware that phonolgical awareness is simply auditory and phonics is working with words, letters, etc. 

For phonological awareness I work on rhyming, segmenting, blending, etc.  For word work I do something called Mix it & Fix it.  The students have letters at the top of their board, I call out a word, they pull down those letters to create the word,  I state 'mix it' and the students mix up the letters, when I state 'fix it' the students fix the letters, we end with me stating 'push up and say it.'  Another one of my absolute favorite thing to do during this word work time is; sound boxes

In this photo you can see I use the sound boxes in multiple ways!  The students can build the words with letters or simply write in the letters (I use this method most!)  This is a concept that helps in SO MANY ways!  The students are really using multiple stategies into one concept.  This has helped greatly with their writings and phonological awareness (I know I know- that's using their ears and not their writings!)  However, when I say "what are the sounds in the cat?"  The student then goes back to placing that word into its given boxes like they do everyday during guided reading all mentally.

I have in the past used a line to teach missing sounds at the beginning of year's writing.  However, this coming year I am going to go straight to sound boxes.  This way the students will already be aware of the concept with my guided use.
Also, everyday I manage to squeeze in a guided writing with each of my groups!  I know that alot of guided readings + programs call for writing every other day, but I think writing in Kindergarten is SO important that we do it everyday!  I use a paper that's called Read, Stop, Respond.  This is something at our school that grades K-4 participate in.  It gradually gets more involved as the grades go up.  The Kindegarten format I use is very simple, but does get the students aware to the process!  I will leave a sample of the writing paper below! (of course!!!)

Below you can find a copy of my sound boxes.  I copy these onto cardstock  and laminate.  The students use dry erase markers and an eraser- they lasted all year long!!  Also, below is a copy of my guided reading plans that I use.  The read, stop, respond paper is also located below.   Last but not least- below strategy cards that are great for guided reading!! I would love to hear if you are currently using sound boxes with your kiddos!  Also, if you have never used them before what do you think?  Also- let me know what you think about Daily 5! 

Let me know what you think!  Have a super exciting & safe 4th of July!!


Freebies for ALL!

Hello there!  Yes. I have plenty of educational ideas to share with you, but I think I will stick with some freebies instead!  These are items I have in my TPT store, but have not released on my blog yet.  I hope you will find something new & exciting printables to use in your classroom.  Leave me feedback with your favorites! Enjoy!


Kindegarten Awards Freebie!

  Just wanted to leave you with a freebie!  These awards are super cute and look great diplayed on your door!

I can tie my shoes
I can name numbers 0-20
I can sing the ABC song
I can state my alphabet

DJ Inkers Graphics

I know! I know! Back to school already?? HA! If you are thinking about Back to School
I will leave you with this Back to School packet for $6...

PS. 15 days until I leave for I Teach K in Vegas!! :)

What's Your Superpower?

Found this on Pinterest and had to share!  Click the picture to repin!!

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Freebie Fridays

Summer Sale!!

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Common Core SUPER FREEBIE...oh yeah!!!

I'm so excited to have surpassed 300 followers!  I hope each follower has gained something new and exciting to try in their classroom!  I mentioned before that my school district is great about staying up with the changes!  We adopted the Common Core this past fall and will be starting our second year with it this coming school year.  I feel as though I should be a Common Core advocate or something similar...HA!  I just feel it has so many new things to help the children expand their learning.  There was a couple of times this year when I told myself, "I'm not sure they can do it...and by my surprise they did it and then some!"  Nothing makes you more proud!

Next year we will be taking weekly Common Core Math Skill Checks.  These are a great way to measure student progress.  Also, they are made with the Common Core language!  Click below to get 22 Math common core aligned skill checks for FREE!  I only ask that you pin or share with your friends & colleagues.  These skill checks will benefit so many kiddos if we pass them along!
                     Click the picture below to grab yours! Happy learning and happy teaching!

Click {here} for Skill Check 2 Correction!
Click {here} for a full list of standards on each skill check!  Thanks to Ms. Sandy!!

Special note in this technology world we live in: Please feel free to share these skill checks.  I ask that you don't save the file and place directly onto your blog, etc.  Rather, please direct interested parties to this blog post! ENJOY!!

 I now have ELA Skill Checks!! Click below  to view!! 


Summer Conferences!

Oh yeah nothing better than Summer!  I love my job and I l-o-v-e Summer!  This Summer has been quite a hit so far.  I am forcing myself to wake up early by attending 8:00 gym classes!  I have been allowing myself to work on school work for a set time each evening, otherwise I would miss out on the sunshine and this nice tan I'm working on!  In order to stay on task or pretty close I make a daily 'to do' and post it as my desktop!  This way I feel a little guilty as a log onto Facebook instead of doing what I really should be!

The rest of my summer does get even more exciting!!  My great teacher buddy and I leave for good 'ole Las Vegas July 9th!  We are very excited to be attending the I Teach K conference! I can't wait to get new ideas to make my classroom the best it can be!  We will be attending sessions for three days and even seeing Deanna Jump!  I know she doesn't think she's a superstar but she really is! While in Vegas we will also be attending a fabulous blogger meet up- can't wait for this!  I will be sure to share many new ideas with you when I return!

Do you want to attend too?  Yes! Yes!  Click the green button to visit the site!

After our Vegas trip I am headed to Union, MO about an hour away from my hometown.  My teaching buddy and I are going to a Whole Brain Teaching Conference for 2 days!  I have never had official training in Whole Brain Teaching, but tried a few of their strategies at the end of last year and saw a great improvement within my class.    If you have never heard of it (like me about 6 months away)  I will attach this youtube video.  It was circulating on Pinterest and that's where I first found Whole Brain Teaching!  This teacher is FAB click to her other videos to see more. 

Whole Brain Teaching has these adorable class rules:
Rule #1: Follow Directions Quickly
Rule #2: Raise your hand for permission to speak
Rule #3: Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat
Rule #4: Make Smart Choices
Rule #5: Keep your dear teacher happy

I would love to hear from you if you participate in Whole Brain Teaching in your class or what your think!  The best part about the program is that almost everything is free or very reasonably priced!  Click below to view their website.


Completed Recess Packet & Freebie

Well my fun in the sun was quite nice.  I actually walked away with more of a tan than a burn...yes!
I finished up the recess packet which I'm super excited about! A character named 'Tommy' teaches the kiddos about the playground equipment and how to play safely on the equipment. Click below to view this product selling on my TpT page for $4.


Freebie- this is a quick addition word problem assessment.  If your school has adopted the Common Core or will be in the coming year you will know all about the emphasis on not only addition and subtraction but the focus on word problems!  This quick assessment will be added to our district K grade card assessing.  We have 3 assessments for addition and 3 for subtraction to cover all of the Core.  The three assessments cover {fluency within 5, add/sub within 10, and word problems} It is so exciting to see these little ones take off with their addition and subtraction skills.  They are proud and I'm beyond thrilled! :)  Click the picture to get the google doc!

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Have a super ending to the weekend!

Classroom Schedule & Upcoming Recess Packet

Hello all!  I hope the Summer is treating you well, or you are on your way to Summer break!  I wanted to take a moment and share my classroom schedule with you.  It's possible that there will be some changes before school starts next year {who doesn't have some kind of change days before school days?}  The following is our Kindergarten schedule:

8:00-8:20 Attendance & Calendar
8:20-8:30 Restroom
8:30-8:50 Shared Reading Block
8:50-9:50 Daily 5/Guided Reading Groups {4 groups-15 minutes each}
9:50-10:30 Writing & Share
10:30-10:40 Restroom
10:40-11:30 Lunch & Restroom

11:30-12:00 Intervention Groups
12:05-1:05 Specials

1:05-1:30 Letter/Word Work

1:30-2:30 Math {whole group & centers} *Snack*

2:30-2:50 Outdoor Movement

2:50-3:15 Pack up & Read Aloud

I would love to hear how your classroom schedule is similar or different!  I find it very intriguing what other schools are up to!  Now, here is what I am currently working on:
Every year on the first day of school we take all of the kiddos on to the playground and give a fabulous demonstration of how to and not play on the equipment.  I know I am guilty of assuming these little guys have done this before, but for so many kids this is their first experience and/or they have never been given proper instruction on how to play the safest way on playground equipment.  In my packet "Tommy" will be teaching the kids all about the playground and how to play safely!

Tomorrow is off to the lake for some fun in the sun!  Have a super weekend!


Reading Interventions & FREEBIES!

Hello my fellow bloggers!  Summer has been so nice... I think every profession should offer Summers off :)  My school has a set intervention time, Tiger Time, that is daily for 30 minutes.  The students are divided by their individual reading/phonics needs.  This year we had 4 groups/4 Teachers {1 group using Fundations, 2 groups using Road to Reading, and the higher level students were in an advance classroom setting.  The majority of the students transfer in and out of the classrooms as their needs change throughout the year.
Below I will explain each of these programs- Fundations and Road to Reading.  I will also discuss Road to the Code- which I used at the beginning of the school year before the students switched classrooms for Tiger Time.

Road to Reading

I LOVE Road to Reading.  If you have never heard of it oh my you are in for a treat!  Road to Reading is designed as a preventive and remedial reading program.  My favorite thing about it is that it has a very strict routine.  Yes yes I completely understand those that don't like that, but it's really a nice routine to have.  The kids know exactly what you are doing each day and what is expected of them.  This allows for a lot of learning to get done in a very short time!  Road to Reading instills the Five-Step Plan that the teacher/students follow every day.  I will detail below the 5 steps and will also include awesome Youtube videos I found for each step {very nice lady to record herself- not something I volunteer for!}

Road to Reading 5 Step Plan:
1. Review Sound Cards {basically the teacher holds up each letter and the student replies... "a /a/ apple, p /p/ pizza}

2. Teach/Review decoding Skills {teacher says a word and the student manipulates the letters to form the word on a magnetic board- I displayed the words on the Smartboard after the students formed the word so they can self-check}

3. Review phonetically regular words (PRWs) {the teacher holds up cards of words that the students have built in step 2}

4. Read orally in context {we used A-Z readers and the decodable readers that go along with our Reading series, Journeys}

5. Dictation {students write the words they built in Step 2 and orally named in Step 3.  **note the freebie below for this step**

WOW!  That's a mouthful I know!  Hopefully you have either had experience with the program before or maybe these following videos will display a better understanding!  This teacher is doing a one-on-one session, but I used the program whole group with about 10-12 students.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Here is the FREEBIE that goes along with the Road to Reading program.  It is the dictation paper/journal that we used.  Some use blank paper, but my teaching buddy, Ashley Klein, and I liked the idea of having a template to promote neat and quality work!

Now on to the next program- Fundations!

My teaching team uses several factors to decide where to place our students into their intervention groups- one is the AIMSWEB diagnostic tool. The students that scored lower in letter names and/or letter sounds were placed into our Fundations intervention group.  Fundations can be one-on-one, small group, or whole group.  Fundations puts an emphasis on letter and the handwriting of the letters.  They use guided lined paper for assistance {sky line, plane line, grass line, and worm line}.  Fundations also works with phonological awareness, sound mastery, phonics, vocabulary, sight word recognition, fluency, comprehension, and written comprehension -yes that's just about everything!!

This program is fabulous especially those that are still struggling!  There is a consistent routine and not to mention a super cute friend- Echo the Owl!!  I used Fundations during whole group settings as a filler for my Letter & Word Work time. As I mentioned above Fundations using a guided lined system...Here is a student & teacher copy.
Road to the Code

Road to the Code is the step before Road to Reading.  I use this program at the beginning of the year during my small group time as well as intervention group!  Road to the Code is a phonological awareness program {whole other blog post to come}.  Phonological awareness is really strictly hearing the sounds in words, letters, rhymes, etc.  Road to the Code lessons follow a Say-It-and-Move-It approach {see freebie below}.  The teacher will give each student a Say-it-Move-it board and the necessary amount of manipulatives like counting tiles.  The teacher will start with single sounds like /a/, /s/, /t/.  The tile starts at the line and when the teacher says the sound /a/ the child repeats the sound and slides it up into the box  {again see freebie below for example}.  The program is really great about allowing the teacher to go at his/her own pace.  If the kiddos get it, move on.  If you are seeing difficulty in understanding, slow down. 

I print these on card stock and laminate for repeated use!

I hope you were able to find something of great use here today!  Please note I am no way affiliated with any of these programs.  I have used all of  them in my classroom and know of their great success!!  If you have used any of these programs please leave me a comment and tell me what ya think!  If you have any questions please also give me a shout!  Have a fabulous week!

My upcoming posts:
What's in my guided-reading groups
Whole Brain Teaching
Phonological Awareness-what makes it different from Phonics
Singapore math techniques
and more......