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Name Badge Activities FREEBIE!

Click the photo to grab your freebie!
Happy Sunday!  I showed you a couple of days ago the name badges I had purchased at Staples.  Well, I went ahead and out together some activities/games for the name badges.  I have 2 sets of name badges; 1 set from Really Good Stuff and 1 set from Staples.  I'm sure you can get them other places as well.  I love the name badge idea because no matter what you're working on, you can simply switch out the inserts and go!  Inside the packet I made you can play:

- Match Uppercase to Lowercase
- Alphabetic Order
- Rhyming
- Match numeral to number word
- Numeric Order
- AB and ABC patterns

I have coded each set of cards in case they were to get mixed up.  The best part you ask- it's a freebie!  Enjoy!

More freebies you say???
Classroom Labels- click picture to download.
Music, PE, art, library, and computer cards.  Click picture to download.

Teacher! Teacher! How do I spell...?

When a student approaches you and says, "How do I spell fish?" Your first response might be, "f-i-s-h" or maybe " /f/ /i/ /sh/" or possibly you might say to them in you teacher voice "go stretch out like you've learned!" Yes, I have most likely done a little of each of these! However, as I am maturing in my teaching and learning so many great strategies from other teachers and presenters I've learned some great tips to help those kiddos that want you to help with their spellings.

It's important to remember that writing time is actually a time of problem solving and thinking.  During writing students are able to focus and mature on both problem solving and thinking!  For young learners it's highly important to give students a concrete way to problem solve during writing.  There are so many awesome ways to do this!  Also, more than just having a concrete way to problem solve children should also be encouraged to think out loud during writing.  Thinking out loud is extremely important for students to make the connection to their writings.

Remember that invented spelling is A-Ok!  However, there are some words that should be considered no excuse words.  This list includes; a, of, was, and, that, in, the, to, I, is, it, & he.  Now in Kindergarten it's likely your students will not come in knowing these words and depending on how you introduce your sight words it's possible they might know all of them until the end of Kindergarten.   Another important aspect to writing is writing patterns!  If children know word families they will have an advantage when writing unknown words.  About 1/2 of the high frequency words follow word families. 

If a student is asking for help to spell a word it's usually a good sign that they are conscious of their writings and want to succeed and please their teacher. However, as a teacher is can become very overwhelming when your students become so worried about the spelling of a word that they forget about the rest of their story. 

When conferencing with a student during writing think about giving 2 praises and 1 prompt.  We know our young writers are super proud of their work and it's our job to commend them on that!  Okay now to some strategies! I am going to list them for easy access!!

- Give them a song!

Sound It OutTo the tune of: If you’re happy and you know it

If you have a new word, sound it out.
If you have a new word, sound it out.
If you have new word,
Then slowly say the word.
If you have a new word, sound it out.
An alternate version to the song according to how you phrase it in your room could be 'stretch it out.'

- Try really hard to not give the student a "go try it on your own!" response.  Most likely the kiddo has tried it already and is having a hard time finding a starting point.  Yes, I know there are some kiddos that will ask you how to spell each and every word.  For those students say, "what's the first sound" or "what sound do you hear next?" 

-Connect stretching/sounding out words to body movement.  Have students count out the sounds on their fingers or try; head, tummy, toes to find sounds.  Head, tummy, toes will need some teaching about not getting out of your seat, but doing it sitting down.  That is unless you want them to stand! :)  When stretching out a word using the body have the students wiggle and restate the word; c-a-t, wiggle cat!

- A lot of times students want to write about how they feel so make a feelings chart!  It's a lot of fun to connect the feelings chart to characters the students have read about. 

-Create a spot where students can reference highly used words, but words that will most likely be too difficult to spell on their own.  Now you most likely have a word wall already so this is a little different.  The following picture is the once I've created for my classroom!  I already had this HUGE cookie sheet, but you could easily do it on your whiteboard or use felt.

The cards have small magnets so that the student can quickly grab the word and head back to their seat.  In order for the cards to be placed in the correct spot I have color coded a small star to each card and the header.

This system would take a little teaching and it's possible you wouldn't start day 1 with this, but it's a great system to strive for!

If you would like to grab these super cute headers and cards you can click below.  The packet is for sale in my TpT store for $4.
Click the picture above to view the product on TpT
If they can think about it - they can talk about it, and if they can talk about it they can write about it!

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Phonemic Awareness and Phonics 1.0.1

"Phonemic Awareness- or the sensitivity to, or explicit awareness of, sound structure in words- is  a key component to predicting reading success!  -Blachman, 1991

Do you ever wonder what your little ones are really capable of?  I mean they can do so much and the progress they make is tremendous.  However, for those little ones that just can't yet is the skill attainable for their age? 

By the age of 4  a student should be able to produce and enjoy rhyme & alliteration. 

By the age of 5  a student should be able recognize a word within a word list that does not rhyme of the odd one out (dog, frog, cat).  The student should also be able to recognize phonemic changes in words and hear syllables within words.

By the age of 5 1/2 a student should be able to distinguish and remember separate phonemes within a series, blend onset and rimes (what's this word, c-at), and segment initial sounds (say the first sound you hear in sock).

By the age of 6  a student should be able to complete syllable deletion (rhino, now say it without /rhi/), compound word deletion (starfish, now say it without star), onset-rime blending, and phoneme segmentation.

By the age of 6 1/2  a student should be able to complete phoneme segmentation up to 3-4 phonemes (say slowly and hear all of the sounds c-a-t), and complete phoneme substitution (cat, change the first sound to /p/, what's the new word). 

By the age of 7  a student should be able to complete sound deletion in the initial and final position (Say cat.  Now say it without the /c/).

By the age of 8 a student should be able to complete sound deletion in the initial position and including blends (Say think.  Now say it without the /th/).

By the age of 9 a student should be able to complete sound deletion in the medial and final position and including blends (Say snail.  Now say it without the /n/).

When teaching phonemic awareness use concrete objects like fingers, chips, blocks, snap cubes, Slinky's, maracas, etc.  Think multi-sensory and add movement!! 

Head, Tummy, Toes- in this movement activity students touch their heads for the first sound, tummy for the middle sound, and toes for the final sound.  Obviously this could be changed up for words with more than 3 sounds, but three sounds works best.  The teacher first models what this looks like and then the students try.  Once the students have attained this concept you can add a challenge by asking this, "where is the /o/ sound in dog? - The tummy!  This makes the activity a lot of fun and keeps it interesting!

Class Line-up Fun- call students to line up by blending their name, J-ack.  When Jack gets in line the class blends the two parts to say the name as a whole.

 Segment Cheer Song- Listen to my cheer.  Then shout the sounds you hear. Cat! Cat! Cat!  Let's take apart the word cat! Give me the beginning sound, /c/.  Give me the middle sound, /a/.  Give me the ending sound, /t/.  That's it!  /c/ /a/ /t/, Cat! Cat! Cat! 
Sound Switch Fun- Pick a sound you will manipulate a list of words with.  For example if I pick the sound /f/ the class will manipulate the following words by replacing the sound /f/ in the beginning sound spot.  Example word list (sit, sunny, dish, ban)

Phonological Awareness is the ability to recognize the sounds of spoken language and is auditory. Phonological awareness tasks can be done with eyes closed or in the dark!  Listen to these sounds /d/ /o/ /g/.  What was my word?  Dog.  Phonological awareness is the building blocks for the alphabetic principle and lay the foundation for phonics!

Phonics is an instrucstional approach that linke the sounds of spoken language to printed letters! Phonics involves print and sound.  Write the word dog on the board.  Have children say each sound with you, /d/ /o/ /g/.  Phonics is key for beginning the process of reading and writing!

Click the picture to visit the site!

Yes, I saved the best for last!  This site, Florida Center for Reading Research is in one word- awesome!  I would actually go as far to say it's- 'da bomb!'  Haha!!  It has so many awesome resources.  They are very simple to understand because there are explicit instructions provided.  Everything you need is right there simply print it and go!  I meant to take a picture of some of the ones I've used in my room but I forgot.  Here is one that I start the first of the year with:

You can click the 2 pictures above to go straight to the site.  I've linked it straight to the Kindergaren Common Core aligned site.  However, click {here} to pick your grade level.

Let me know what you think about the site... last Summer I was slightly addicted ...can't say I didn't warn you! :)  Have a blessed day!


A Little bit of everything!!

Okay okay!  I have been working a little bit at a time in my classroom.  I can't yet do the full setup so I've been working on organization & such.  I mentioned before I would probably change my mind about where I placed my super improver's wall.  Here is the new setup:

This setup is located on one of my bulletin boards.  I wasn't sure if the door was the best place to display it so I really like this spot!  I am having all students start on white and then will move up to green once they have gained 10 stars on their star card. Click {here} to view my previous WBT post and to grab the Super Improvers printables!

Along with moving bulletin boards, I've been organizing!!! Here is a quick shot:

This cabinet has extra supplies along with craft supplies.  Note this isn't where I store the student's supplies, just my extras!  If you are interested in the labels you can click {here}.  The labels are $1.50 in my TpT store!  There are several different colors besides black.  I purchased the green containers from Dollar Tree for $1.  They are great for stacking and the perfect size- they even have latches!

I have also been working tediously on my number bracelets.  My sweet husband has been helping so we are almost done!  I wasn't quite sure how I would store them, but this seems to work out great!  It's simple & cheap!  I have just placed each number set into its own Ziploc baggie.

Another project I conquered this week was to organize my Common Core standards cards.  These cards go along with Deanna Jump's Common Core Standard Posters.  You can get these super cute labels or check on the Standards posters by clicking {here}.  I simply glued the labels onto construction paper which was cut down to size to fit my tub.  I then cut out a window so I could view the next set of cards.
I have already confessed to loving storage and absolutely loving storage that's only $1.  Well get this- these cutie containers are 2 for $1.  Oh yeah!  I found these at the Family Dollar Store.  I plan to use them to store smaller game pieces for my math tubs.  They are about 3 inches by 3 inches by 1 1/2 inches.  Please do not quote me on these exact measurements, but it's pretty close! :)

Isn't this cutie just adorable!  I snagged him at Garden Ridge for only $2.50 on clearance.  Not sure if Garden Ridge is across the county-  I went to the store in St. Louis.  We have an alphafriend named Benny Bear.  So, I am going to let the kiddos read to Benny Bear when they are at the classroom library.

Again, another one of those things you probably discovered years ago, but I surprise myself sometimes!  To liven up my classroom door I simply added border around the window!

All of the conferences I attended in Las Vegas had the presenter talking about using these name badges as a way to implement interactive games between the kids.  So, my teaching buddy and I went in halves for this pack of 50!  I purchased mine at Staples for around $40-50.  I plan to share with you all of the ways I will implement using these plastic badges throughout the year.  Some quick ideas; match to their letter partner; capital & lowercase, line up in order of the number on badge, match number to set of matching dots, etc!  See what I mean the ideas are endless!!

I simply LOVE how quickly kid pick up hearing sounds in words and hearing syllables in words.  It's something they know they've accomplished and they are so proud of themselves!  Here is my PSF/Syllables tub!  See the picture below for what's in mine!

Alrighty, I have large and small cars for students to push up the sounds in words.  They can be at their desks or at guided reading.  Even more fun? Slinky's!!  Students can stretch the slinky like the teacher demonstrates stretching a rubber band.  Also, I was on the hunt for maracas everywhere!  I could only find heavy duty ones at the teachers store, like $15.  Well, you know me I want it for $1.  So, I had a Epiphany that I could use cat toy balls.  I am guessing due to the small balls inside maracas that they are not sold cheaply made due to the fact they could bust open and be a choking hazard.  The cat balls sound just like a maraca and the kids will never know!!  The last thing I have here are gems.  These worked great for pushing up sounds in the sound boxes.

Last but not least- my math center tubs!  No, No, I do not have them filled yet, but as soon as I do I will be filling you in.  I printed, cut, and taped these labels onto my tubs which I purchased for $1 each at the Dollar Store.  I tape the labels on with clear box tape. If you are interested in the labels I used on my tubs you can click {here} to purchase them from my TpT store for $1.50.

Alrighty that's it for now.  I will keep you posted with more of my projects to come!


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More Great $ Finds!

I do have a slight addiction to the Dollar Tree! I just could not pass up these great finds!  The crayon--like sticks are sorting sticks.  The kiddos can sort by color or by number.  The spiral flip book is a super cute way to practice looking at numbers multiple ways; numeral, number word, and picture.  The last two are my faves!  They are sentence builders.  The first strip says, "The turtle"  the student then matches to the second strip, "loves the rain."  The cards have similar pictures to help the students!

Have a super evening!

Faux Whiteboard- Covering that dreaded chalkboard!!

My classroom dilemma year after year- a huge green chalkboard!  Green just isn't my color and the opposite side of the classroom is a huge whiteboard.  I feel that I always need things to be symmetric so the green just doesn't cut it. 

For the past two years I covered the green chalkboard with white paper.  It works for a while, but then it starts to get bumpy and unappealing!  So, each year I have had to take everything off it and replace the paper. So, this year I was on a mission to ease my year after year hardship! I needed something to cover this green chalkboard! So,  I found this white contact/stick paper at Lowe's for $10/ roll.  Here is the board almost finished, sorry forgot a true before picture!

Almost done....better already! much better!!!

One last tid-bit!  Most of you have already mastered every trick there is but sometimes I surprise myself!! HA! Anyway, last Summer I realized it was smart to mark the backs of the border pieces as you take them down like {right, left, top, bottom, middle}.  This makes the puzzle of putting them back up much easier!  This is especially great for hallway bulletin boards that you use year after year.

Let me know if you have a chalkboard...whose days are numbered!! 

Whole Brain Teaching {Super Improvers Wall}

Well, I'm back from the Whole Brain Teaching conference!  I learned so many great ideas- I hope I remember them all!!  I will be discussing WBT and how I plan to implement it within my class.  I have ALOT  of ideas but I would rather test them in my own room and leave you with how it goes for me along the way. 

In my classroom last year I had several behavior management systems; clip chart, punch cards, treasure chest, good behavior catalogue, tiger bucks, etc.  This upcoming year I was wanting to combine the incentives with one another or eliminate completely.  Well, whatcha know- Whole Brain has their own version of a year long behavior management, called Super Improvers.  I do love the idea of the Super Improvers because it is year long and is displayed in the classroom for the kids to see daily! WBT uses a baseball themed improvement system (rookie, phenom, starter, hall of famer).  Well, not that much into baseball so my teaching buddy and I came up with our own!  Our levels are beginner, learner, team leader, team captain, MVK (most valuable Kid/Kindergartner), Whiz Kid, specialist, pro, super star, and genius. All students must receive 10 stars from the teacher in order to move up to the next level. You can stamp or color stars, or you could give them star stickers. Below is the cards my kiddos will keep in their crayons boxes.  I will most likely place a sticker or draw a star on the card.  The other version could be if you wanted them to color in the star.

There are many great ideas and ways to display your super improvers wall.  I moved mine around in my classroom about 10 times!  There is also many ways to display the kiddos progress.  I decided to display the levels and then each time a student reaches that level they get a star with their name that is a matching color of the level they are now on.  Each time they move up a level they get to put up their new star and take the old one home to show their parents.  Below is a picture.  Note that the stars are made up with fake names because it's Summer and I wanted give you a visual!!  I have not tested this in my room yet, so it's possible I will vary this a little.  I will keep you informed!!

Some alternate versions I considered was giving each student a clothespin and they place it on the level.  I like this idea but I do a daily clip chart and I think 'move your clip' becomes standard talk and  differentiating which clip to move could get tiresome.  I also considered those little envelopes that are found in the back of a library book.  The student could then just change out a slip of paper inside the envelope.  There are also other ways of implementing this on Pinterest and other great blogs.

One last thing-  I have made these 2 signs for my door as well.  Of course my lap top's battery ran down just as I was printing, so I haven't yet hung them.  Get these 2 posters as well as the Super Improvers level cards below!  Enjoy and please leave me a comment and let me know what ya think!

Get the above FREEBIE printables  and more by clicking below!

If you are looking for additional information on Whole Brain Teaching check out their site it's great!!

A Little bit of Vegas!!!

Hey there!  Here are some pictures from my Vegas trip to I teach K! 

I will be sharing all of the new ideas very shortly- I promise!!! :)

So, Tuesday I went to the blogger meet up which was a blast!  I got to meet very nice bloggers & teachers!  I also won excellent prizes!

More to come soon.....