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Math & Literacy Centers, Bulletin Board Ideas, Behavior Management & more!

Okay!  I think I will survive!  My sub plans are done for the three days I will be gone! 

I want to fill you in with everything I've been up to- in the classroom!!

Literacy Centers

I've changed out my literacy centers throughout September... I like to add games that we have played in small group or whole class. This way they are aware of what they need to do.

Word Work #1

Capital Alphabetical Order & Fluency Sheets

I got the fabulous cookie sheet activities {here}.  The fluency sheets in the basket are great for AimsWeb or Dibels practice.  I purchased a digital timer from the Dollar Tree & put several layers of tape across the "beeper."  This way when the timer goes off it is not as loud.  The students presses the start button on the timer and says as many letter names/sounds as they can in 1 minute.

You can easily make your own fluency sheets but click {here} for a freebie!!

Word Work #2

Lowercase Alphabetical Order & ABC clips!

The lowercase version!  Also, in the basket and really hard to see is a super cute ABC clip game!
Click the picture below to grab this game for free from FCRR!

Word Work #3

Cookie Sheet Rhyming, rhyming puzzle cards and  PSF sound train!

The rhyming cookie sheet activity comes from the same packet linked in Word Work #1.
The PSF sound train comes from the Mailbox below.... it is so awesome and well worth the buy!

Click the cover to view sample pages from The Mailbox

Math Centers

Here's one of my new math centers!  It is cost effective & so fun for the kiddos.  I purchased the muffin pan and pom poms at the Dollar Tree!

Click {here} to my Math Centers Super Pack!  15 activities Common Core aligned and Kindergarten appropiate!!

Behavior Management
We love our little ones and the progress they've made by the end of the year.  However, sometimes jumping the behavior hurdles can be the most challenging.  I have showed you my stone jar & easy button which I love.  Although, this year I felt the need to have a much larger visual than a little gem stone!  So *light bulb* I pulled out a clear container and my niece loaned me some of her plastic bounce house balls!  I decided to call it my gumball machine!  The kids are very intrigued by the gumball machine and are working hard so we can put in gumballs!  I am rewarding the kiddos with a special snack, extra recess, songs, etc.

Also.... grab my Treasure Chest freebie below!  I have this for a few of my little ones that need their own behavior incentive chart.  When they get all the stickers they get to visit the treasure chest!
Click the photo to get the freebie!

Bulletin Board Ideas
We have been writing captions in writing.... so I cut pictures from magazines and had the kiddos write a caption for their pictures!  They did a super job!

I also took pictures of the students on their favorite playground equipment!  This was a favorite writing activity for sure!  I taped the picture of them to the paper and they wrote a caption for their picture.

I like the swings.  
I like the slide. 
I like the jungle gym.

I would love to post the picture - but too many kiddo pictures!!

Here's our Pete the Cat bulletin board!  It turned out super cute as well!

Classroom Photos
Our noun posters from the TeacherWife and our writing topics chart!  The kids are doing excellent with nouns this year!  Next week we are starting with action verbs!!

Daily 5 Posters

RTI: Letter Name InterventionDo you have some little ones that need help with their letters?  Well I found the best letter name intervention kit!  It's not from a big's from Tpt! Abby Mullins ie: Babbling Abby, has made a super easy to implement program! I have a master copy teacher binder, 1 student binder, and student spiral notebooks for each student.  You could make more than 1 student binder, but I prefer to work one-on-one with my kiddos.

Click {HERE} to view on TpT!

Have superb week!

Giveaway Winners!

Hello friends! I am dragging! I will be gone 3 days next week for laparoscopy surgery. I'm positive that it takes 3 times the effort to be gone then be there! Anyway.... the winners of my Fall giveaway are below! I emailed the winners so check your email! I will be back Saturday-Sunday with my new math centers and literacy center ideas! Directly below is a view of my new alphabet easy readers! I am using these for some of my little readers! The first set has a "fill in the blank" for the letter.  The second set has the letters typed in!  There are 52 books total!! Have a great Friday!!

Proud in Primary

Terri's Teaching Treasures

Susan Lulu


It's Fall Y'all....Giveaways & Sale!!!

That's right!  Sepetember 22nd is the first day of Fall!  What better way to celebrate then giveaways and a sale!!


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Grab some of these fantastic packets while they are on sale!!


Number Sense: Numbers 0-5

Hi friends!!  Last week was our first introduction to learning numbers in math.  We have had math since the first week of school...but we were teaching beginning lessons, comparing alike & different, etc.  Last week we started with numbers 1-3.  This week we will introduce numbers 4-5 and 0.  This year my introduction to numbers looks a lot different than in years past.  In the past I thought number words were too hard to introduce and would simply confuse the kids.  Well this year I learned that this is completely false!  Like everything else if we teach it- they can learn it!  I have been so amazed how quickly the kids picked up on the fact that numbers can be displayed in a numeral, number word, and objects (like dots). 

At the beginning of our math lesson we meet in a circle at the carpet.  I start to lay out the cards like the picture below.  We lay the cards down under the correct column as a class and then I call on students to place the cards in order.  We will eventually have number columns 0-20....this will stretch across our entire carpet.  They are super excited to see this!! 

After I introduce the cards and we have practiced it several times I talk about the students making their own dot cards to match the numbers we are working on.  I discuss reading the number before making the dots to be sure they have the correct number.  I send them to their seats to do the practice sheet below.

The cards & practice sheets sell in a packet for $4.  You can click the picture below to view!


I call students back to the carpet and I pull out the number bracelet to match a number we are working on.  The day we introduced numbers 1-3 I had number bracelets for the number 3 only.  I pass out the bracelets, we talk about how many beads are on the bracelet, how the beads will always be 3 no matter where on the bracelet they are, I also go around and ask multiple students how many beads are on their bracelet.  This seems without a cause but the idea is when we are ready for addition we will go from there just being 3 beads on the bracelet to the students realizing 2 beads on a side and 1 bead on the other side make 3  (2+1=3). 

We discuss making their own bead bracelets at their seats.  We talk about how there can only be three beads!  The practice sheet we do is below and is a freebie pack of mine! 

Click the picture below to grab the freebie packet!

Thanks so much!  Also, check in Friday'ish' for a giveaway!!!

Secret to Letter Sounds Success??

I cannot believe I haven't told you all about the Leap Frog Letter Factory! If you have heard about it, watched, it, etc you know what I am talking about. I discovered the LeapFrog Letter Factory on the Internet last year by chance. Well, by chance after showing the DVD to my students they all began to know their letter sounds....almost immediately. At Writing when I would say /mmmm/ they knew "hey the mmm mmm mmm... is M!" It was so fun & exciting to see how quickly it worked. I didn't discover the DVD and song until around Christmas last year. So, this year I started the year off using the Letter Factory....and wouldn't you know my kiddos are already matching letter sounds with their letters. When assessing letters for the second time this year...some were unsure of the letter name but could state almost all of the letter sounds from watching the letter factory! Anyway...below is the short little song that is at the end of the DVD ...we watch the song everyday during letter & word work time. I have little actions that we do for each letter. During writing you will see me doing these same actions when helping the students find the correct letter name/sound.

I am no way affiliated with Leap Frog even though I sure wish I was!! I purchased last year Letter Factory, Talking Words, Word Caper, & Get Ready for School....tonight I just purchased the rest of the DVDs they sell for both phonics & math. I can not wait!! :) Below is the picture of the DVD cover to the Letter Factory...also if you click the picture you will taken to their site. 

Here is the YouTube link for the song.... 

And a preview to the DVD....

Click below for my weekly lesson plans....

New week: Plans, Math Centers, Freebies & More!!

It' simply amazing to see the gains a Kindergartner can make in just a couple weeks of school!

This upcoming week I am going to attempt meeting with a few reading groups during Daily 5.  I'm not exactly sure how it will go, but we'll see :)  I feel as though telling the students you won't be available during Daily 5 because you'll be at your table- is completely different than me actually being back at my tables with students.  Kids need to see things before they can truly process the idea.

Here's what I have in my Guided Reading tub (so far).  In the small circular container are letters for each student's name.  I will be working with the child's names in my lower level group.  In the pink container are a few pieces from the rhyming puzzle I have.   I also have high frequency word cards & letter cards.  The white sound boxes were a freebie on {this} post!

Here are the segmentation mats I had above!  Grab them for free on this {site}
Additional Guided Reading/Intervention Activities!!

Letter Caterpillars!!
This activity is in my Word Work Super Pack!

Letter Strips!
This is a letter strip and the students place the matching cards on top...great 1:1 practice.
It is a freebie activity on this site
This upcoming week I will be introducing the number bracelets for numbers 1, 2, & 3!

These pages are a freebie by me!  Click {here} to download!

This week I will also be introducing that numbers can be represented in multiple ways!  I will be having the students come to the carpet and first intro the numerals 1, 2, & 3.   I will then show the students how numbers can be represented by their word.  Lastly, show students how objects such as dots can represent numbers as well.

The cards & practice pages are in my Dot Cards packet. 

I will be starting my math centers this upcoming week!  Below I will show you my 8 math centers along with the source of each!

#1 Number Beads
This activity is in my Math Centers SUPER PACK

#2 Numeral/Number Word Writing
This activity is also in my Math Centers Super Pack

#3 Pattern Block Patterns
This is a {here}

Playdoh Shape Mats
Another {here}

  Dot Cube Roll & Graph
This activity is also from my Math Centers Super Pack

#6 Playdoh Number Mats

#7 Number Clips

#8 Numeral, Number Word, Dot Cards Match

Most of these activities are from my Math Centers Super Pack!  It is 15 activities and over 150 pages.  It sell for $8.50 in my store.  Click below to view.

Math Centers #2