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Teen Number Fun! {freebies}

It's back to school...we had Friday off for conferences and Monday was a professional development day!  This week is an exciting one in Math!  We start teen numbers this week!  As challenging as they can be ....teen numbers are a lot of fun to teach!  Have you seen this video?  I'm sure you have, but I have to share anyway!

This one is a hit too!!

This week we will begin working with Rekenreks!!  This is a first so I'm super excited to share!  My teaching buddy and I learned about making our own this Summer in Vegas with Shari Sloane.  I had been using number bracelets for Numbers to 10- which is great!  However, I think the Rekenrek displays a better understanding for teen numbers!

Here's a picture of the Rekenrek!

Step by step instructions:

- At Lowes, Menards, etc go to the vertical blinds section.  Purchase a package of replacement blinds.  Mine were $10.

-Ask the associate to cut your blinds in 10 inch sections. 
-Drill holes into the blinds using a standard power drill (My husband did this part for me!!)

-Purchase elastic from the sewing section.  Also, purchase plastic beads- It’s best to stick with 2 solid colors.

-String the elastic through the holes adding the beads, tie off in the back.

Do you have any additional questions?  Feel free to email me at - - anytime!!! :)

The back of the Rekenrek:

Along with working hands on we are also going to do practice sheets that go along with each of the numbers!  See examples below and scroll down for free downloads!

Rekenrek Mat

You can use bingo chips, blocks, etc to display the number.  This is perfect if you are unable to make the actual rekenreks...or place this into a math center!
Click the photo for the freebie download!!

Practice Sheets!  See below for download!

Click for the practice sheets freebie download!

Dot Cards!!
I know that I have shared these before but I LOVE them! My students are gaining so much knowledge because of these cards!  If you're interested click {here} to view on TpT!

Do you have these bad boys?  My students that need extra support with numbers use these daily!  They have made a better connection to using the ten frames as a resource rather than the number line!

Found these little cuties as a freebie on Tpt!  Perfect fit for the week!  Click {here} to view the Freebie on Tpt!!

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Spooky Weekend Sale!

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These were just way too cute not to share!!!

What is a baby ghost’s favorite game? Peek-a-Boo.What kind of car does a ghost drive? A Boo-ick.
Where do ghosts shop for clothes? At the Boo-tique.
What rides do ghosts like best at the amusement park? The roller ghoster.



Common Core Quick Assessments

Hi friends!  I survived my second day of parent/teacher conferences and came out with 100% attendance... yay!!  I love first quarter conferences!  We get to put faces to names... and learn so much more about our kiddos!  It is so fun to share the successes and share with the parents how they can assist in their student's education! Oh and no school tomorrow... yes please!!

I think I've shared before that with the reading series my district uses we introduce 1 letter per week!  Each letter has an alphafriend with a cute song!  This week our letter was Tt so we got to meet our alphafriend- Tiggy Tiger!  We do a lot of singing as I believe this has tremendous affects on their retention... 2 of our favorites from the week!

First thing in Letter/Word Work on Mondays I assess the students on their ability to recognize the weekly letter BEFORE we even begin to learn the letter. I use this as a preassessment so I know how many students do/ do not know the letter. I continue to do these "quick assessments" throughout the week... making sure the students are gaining knowledge about the week's letter! See pictures below!

Trace the letter. Search & color the letter.

Write the beginning sound.

Draw & label a picture that starts witht he letter Tt.

These quick assessments are part of my Common Core ELA Quick Assessments packet!  Inside the packet are the quick assesments pictured above along with: parts of speech, key details, rhyming, beginning sounds, letter id, ending punctuation, & simple words!  All of the assessments are aligned to the K-1 Common Core standards!  The standards are listed in the description to the packet!  The packet contains 94 quick assessments!  Click the link below if you are interested! 

Next week I will be sharing with you our Teen Number Fun!!  I'm super excited about a new approach to teaching teen numbers this year!  I will let you know how it goes... have a super weekend!

Alphabet Fun!

Fun with abc's!  Some of my favorite moments in Kindergarten come in letter & word work!  I think it's an area where the kids soar!  We go from singing the abc song to stretching words using the sounds we know!  I have a lot of resources I use to help teach the abc's in my classroom!  Below I've listed some of my favorite videos and activities I've found on the web!

I absolutely LOVE all of HaveFunTeaching's alphabet videos!

They have a one for every letter of the alphabet! 

                                                      Click the photo for freebie download!

I know that I've mentioned it before....but FCRR is WONDERFUL for literacy center ideas and intervention groups!  They have way more than just letter id activities!

These pattern block puzzles come from MakingLearningFun!  They are also a freebie- sweet!

The following pages are all over Pinterest!  I really love the "getting started" section where the kiddos work on the needed stroke.  I think strokes are so important.  I know I work on them a lot at the beginning of the year and then not so much.  However, with these- it's easy to keep teaching!  The printables come from Confessions of a Homeschooler

The following are photos of ABC resources and activities I have in my classroom!

Alright friends!  We all have those little youngsters that need multiple exposures to learn new letters!  Why not give them a bracelet?  My kiddos have been very successful stating their "bracelet letter(s)"  Click the photos below to view on TpT!

Inside the packet is a single capital letter version & single lower case version!

Also in this packet is capital/lower case version!

Also, included in the packet is a mixed version - full letters you have covered!  I have also included a blank document so you can add your own letters covered!

Guided Reading in Kindergarten {freebies}

Guided Reading is a staple in my classroom starting week 1! It's an amazing and very proud moment when you overhear a student say, "Look I can read!" or "I just read this whole book!"  I feel that providing students the opportunity to read is priceless and can be started at any point- -  yes even the first week of school.... Reading is so much more than knowing all of the words in a level 3 reader, being fluent, knowing how to pause for punctuation, etc.  Reading is defined as simply a process of decoding symbols and ultimately in order to construct or derive meaning like reading comprehension.  Allowing students an opportunity to be successful is vitally important.  I have been asked several questions about guided reading in my classroom so I will try to answer all of the questions below.  At any time feel free to send me an email if you have any additional questions my email address:


I start the first week of school doing whole class "guided reading."   No, it's not the same as the real thing...but hey we are reading!  I start with low level readers and either hold up the book to read or display the book on the Smartboard.  I will list my resources for books directly below.  I read through the books 2-3 with the students.  Obviously these books are very repetitive but that is okay  because the kids are reading. I draw special attention to using a tapping or pointing finger to each word.  However, this is a step that I work extremely hard on the first couple of weeks of guided reading back at my table.  After I have read the books 2-3 times with the students I send them back to their seats.  They are to read the book 2 times and then begin to color.  When they hear the timer they place the book in their book tub and meet me back at the carpet.  This is great for teaching directions with multiple steps!  You can easily find those that can or can't follow the multi step directions!  This gives the students an opportunity to gain known texts within their Read to Self book tubs also.


I have to say I am very lucky that my district understands the importance of having an abundance assortment of reading text.  With our reading series, Journeys, we have 2 readers per week (a vocab reader and a leveled reader).  I have a classroom set of Rigby leveled readers and my school also has a huge book room with many selections to choose from.  I completely understand that some might not have this resource so I have a few places you can look into if needed!  At the beginning of the school year when I am reading guided reading books whole class I love to use Reading A-Z Readers.  Another great resource with free printable books is Hubbards Cupboard.  I also offer a few different easy reader sets in my TpT store.  See the photos below for links.

Alphabet Easy Readers {2 versions}

Sample Pages:

I also offer several sight word readers

Sample Pages

My district uses AimsWeb similar to that of Dibels.  We take is about the second week of school.  We see how many letter names and sounds the student can state in 1 minutes time.  Most students have much difficulty with the letter sounds! The letters are in a random order and with an equal mix of uppercase and lowercase.  I also do a basic screening of all capital and lowercase letters.  This is important because the AIMS data is only a random selection.  Click the picture below to grab this letter naming assessment freebie!  How do I to use it?  Present letters to students and mark with a new color pen/marker for correct responses.  You change colors each time so you can keep track of progress over time.  Then graph how many they got each date you assess.  This is great for the beginning of the year so you can hopefully see the student's graph get higher and higher!

So back at how I group my students!  I use their AIMS web data, their total letter names/sounds using the above assessing tool, my own teacher observations of the students during the whole-group guided reading and I also look at the student's ability to problem solve- not just in reading but in their classroom behaviors.  If a student is a problem solver they will most likely be able to solve the unknowns they will find in reading! My guided reading groups are "fluid" so if I see one student that needs to change I'll go ahead and change it up!  I have no more than 6 to each group!

The first couple of weeks of guided reading are so important! You are starting a new routine for the kids. Not just the kids that are back at your table, but also the kids that are doing Daily 5 or centers. I establish my "bathroom signal." This is just when the students place their middle finger over their index finger and shake it at me. I emphasize that this a nonverbal communication meaning they don't use their words when asking and I in return won't use words to respond. Instead, I respond with a head shake "yes" or "no."

During the first couple of weeks I emphasize 1:1 tracking! We count the words so we know how many "taps" each page will need. I have seen a lot of fancy reading pointers but I just use a plain ol finger! :) During the first couple of weeks we work the letters in our names & a lot of rhyming. 

Yes!  After I have established routines in guided reading and we begin to "pick up speed" we are writing!  I choose to do guided reading.  We write after reading our story!  This helps to pull out connections the students have with the story.  Below is the guided writing paper I use!  Click the picture below to grab the freebie!

Below is a snapshot of my guided writing templates for the beginning of the year.  I have scripted sentences with a "fill in the blank."  I use this template for the first few weeks and then go to the template I shared above!

Below are some pictures of my guided reading tub and what I have in it! All of the following activities & more are found in my Guided Reading in Kindergarten packet on TpT! See directly below the link for these activities!

Fun with magnetic letters!  Capital, lowercase, and match to animal are in the packet!

Rhyme Time!

Sound boxes!  I LOVE these!  I have a few different versions available in my packet!  Also, click {here} to grab the blank version that are in the back- not as cute but they will still work! :) Sound boxes help kiddos realize that each letter makes its own sound!  If we have the word fish in our story we begin working the sound boxes.  We stretch the sounds slowly and write the sounds we hear in each box.  My kids last year gained a solid foundation of blends and digraphs using the sound boxes.  It was very easy for them to understand that "sh" is one sound so the two letters share the same box.

  PSF mats.  I have several of these mats in my packet in both color & black/white.  You can use any kind of manipulative you have on hand: gems, cars, blocks, chips, etc.

Mix & fix...  I discuss this activity as several additional phoneme awareness activities in my Guided Reading Packet!

Small Group less plan binder!

 I organize my lesson plans, writing templates, black line maters, etc per week.  I align my tabs to my reading series- Unit 1, Lesson 1, etc.  Click {here} to view my lesson plan template!

A lot of great bloggers have shared about the comprehension friends!  So I wanted to share photos and links to the "friends" I use.  I have to say that my kids respond very well to having an animal friend teach them how to become great readers!  I purchased my posters from Tpt.  Click {here}!

Comprehension Wall

Comprehension Friends

Alright friends- that's all for now! Have questions?  Please send me an email!   If you are interested in my Guided Reading packet please click one of the photos below.  It is a 60 page packet for $8!  Sure to get you started and more in  Guided Reading!

Or grab even more great guided reading ideas view my Guided Reading Deluxe bundle!


Since the date of this original post I have compiled several additional guided reading detailed blog posts!  Click on the banners below to view each post! Enjoy : )