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Cyber Sale!

Hello friends!  I hope you had a very restful Thanksgiving!  Now we are full speed ahead to Christmas and the New Year!  Nothing better to kick that off than a sale...and a sale for teachers!

 I will be having a 20 % off sale at my Teachers pay Teachers store .  Be sure to grab an additional 10% off Monday & Tuesday using the code cmt12 at the checkout.

Click the picture below to start saving!
Adorable button from Ashley at TheSchoolSupplyAddict

Christmas themed addition & subtraction word problems
Common Core Review Packet with 3 months of daily homework calendars {math}

Christmas take home packet....ELA & Math
{for young learners}
This super cute Santa activity by Miss Kindergarten is in my cart! 
We will be making these for our hallway display... The kiddos are going to be so excited!

Happy Saving!

Happy Thanksgiving.... grab some Freebies!

Hi friends!  I'm excited for a restful Thanksgiving!  So many things to be thankful for!  My blogging & TpT  friends are at the top of that list along with my family and friends! 

This is a little late, but maybe you can use it next year! ;)

We did  hand print turkeys!  There is a super cute poem that goes along with it.  Click the picture below to grab the freebie!

Last week during writing we started our story booklets!  So simple, but the kids loved them!  They got to write and illustrate their own books.  We focused on the same book title the first time, "our classroom."  The kids wrote 1-2 sentences for each page in their book and illustrated pictures for each page as well.  I since then placed story booklets into their Daily 5 writing folders.  The kids have been writing excellent stories; "all about animals," "my family." etc.  You can see examples of their work below!  Click the picture of the front cover to grab your freebie!

Also, this week we got to do another fabulous listening comprehension activity!  I posted about this a few weeks ago.   You can click {here} to view the original post!  Basically, I want my students to build their listening comprehension...but have fun while doing it!  I chose the popular story Rainbow Fish.  It is a free listen on the website called storylineonline.  I wanted to choose known text to begin with and then transition to more unknown text.  You can see below their drawings of what they heard during the story.  The first time through I simply played the audio and they made mental images.  Next, they went to their seats and drew what they heard.  Lastly, they came back to the carpet and we watched the video..comparing what we heard and what we saw!

You can grab these recording sheets as a freebie.  Click below to grab them!


Thanksgiving Freebies & Word Work!

Can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving?  We have Monday and Tuesday only this week!  So excited for a recharging break!  I shared with you a few of my word work ideas earlier in the week, but here's my word work options for this short week & the following week.

Word Work Basket #1

With our reading series Journeys we introduce 1 new letter each week.  I like to incorporate that letter into the Daily 5 word work baskets!  You can see I am still using the magnetic alphabetical order cookie sheet game, sorting capital vs lowercase letter Nn.  I also placed the letter Nn practice sheets into this basket.  The activity at the top of the picture are my sentence decoders!  I LOVE this activity.  The student must first read the sentence, decode the word inside the box, and place the matching picture in the box.  So many skills in 1 activity.  See below for links.

Letter Sorting freebie mat- click {here}
Letter Practice Sheets- click {here}
Cookie Sheet Activities- click {here}
Sentence Decoders- click {here}

Work Work Basket #2

Again, cookie sheet ABC order, Build a CVC word with magnetic letters, and letter Nn Alphabet Superheros roll a cube race {Growing Kinders}.  The build a word mats are from my Word Work Super Pack 2!

Word Work Basket #3

In this basket I have a couple of activities I have used before.  I simply change out the puzzle pieces for the CVC sheet and place new sight words in for the Word, Build, Write activity!

I have several activities within each basket to give the students plenty to do.  I don't want to overwhelm them, but they need enough material to last 12-15 minutes.

Lastly,  here are a couple of simple Thanksgiving freebies!  We are currently working on adjectives and descriptive sentences.  So, on the first sheet the student writes 1 adjective in each box and completes the sentence using the 2 adjectives.  Click the photo to download the freebie!

I wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


Literacy Centers Super Pack #2

I hope the year is going just great for all of you!  This week will be an exciting one for my class- we are going on our first field trip!  We will have about an hour or so bus ride... so it will be interesting to say the least!  The kids are super excited and have been asking if it's the field for a good week!

I have been slacking and I have not shown you my recent word work activities!

CVC Puzzles & Response Sheet
I love this word work choice and the kids do too!  They first build the CVC word puzzle (see below), then they write & illustrate a picture for each CVC word. 
If you are interested in this recording sheet pick it up {here} for $1.

This is the puzzle I have been using.  I have several types similar but I like the durability of this one.  I purchased it from the Scholastic website last year!

I just finished compiling all of my mid-latter year literacy word work activities!  These are not all of the activities I use ...but my favorites!  In this packet you'll find 10 Kindergarten appropriate literacy center ideas... Here's a list of the activities:

Sentence Decoders CVC Words: 5 pages
Build a CVC Word: 4 pages
Missing Vowel- CVC Words: 4 pages
52 Sight Word Mats: 52 pages
Alphabet Practice Sheets: 26 pages
Digraph Picture Sorts & response sheets: 11 pages
Sentence Detectives- mixed up sentences: 10 pages
Long Vowel Bee Sort: 11 pages
Runnin' Over Word Families & response sheets: 15 pages
Short Vowel Sort & response sheets: 17 pages

See sneak peaks below...

You can view this packet on TpT by clicking below! 


Cool Turkey Time! {freebies}

It's Cool Turkey Time!!!  This is a super cute project my teaching buddies and I do each year in November!  We send home a turkey blackline master copied on cardstock.  The kiddos then get to decorate their turkeys! You don't have to pick just one cool turkey...they can all be winners! :)  I'm sending home an award to each kiddo when they take home their Turkeys for Thanksgiving break!
  Find links to everything you'll need below!

Just adorable...I know!!

Here's everything you'll need!

Turkey Note Home

Cool Turkey Award

Click the turkey to a freebie turkey coloring page!  You can use this for the blackline master!

Have fun!!


Listening Comprehension {freebie}

Hi friends!  My little youngsters take weekly ELA Skill Checks and weekly Math Skill Checks.  I love the weekly assessments so I can address any friends that are not quite getting the weekly lessons. They are also great in order to prepare the students for our quarterly district assessments.  I also LOVE that the students must use their listening comprehension skills.  So many people don't realize when a teacher says, "Circle the number 3."  The student has to first comprehend what the teacher is asking and then follow through with the given task.  Students especially struggle with this task when it has multi-step directions.  For example the question might be, circle the number 3's in red and circle the number 5's in yellow. 

Building listening comprehension is essential, but can be quite difficult to achieve!  One of my sessions in Las Vegas at I Teach K mentioned reading aloud a story book without showing the students the pictures/pages.  The students then draw using a clipboard what they think the pictures in the story would be as the teacher read aloud the story book...then the teacher reads the book again showing the pictures.  The students can then see similarities/differences with their pictures.

This is a fabulous idea... but I wanted to get something even more I found this website called Goodnight Stories.  The website has a selection of story books that are read aloud.  If using this website click the story you want to listen to, then click this button:

Another great website is Storyline Online.  They also have a great selection of read alouds.  I try to stick with a short stories ...or just do a portion of the book.  Yes, this is quite a difficult task for some students.  A lot of students struggle listening to you read aloud a book- when they have pictures to look taking away the pictures can be hard. 

It's so important that our students build a foundation of mental images.  During writing I will say "put your idea in your head" or "think about what a dog would look like."  Well to adults this task is simple, but for youngsters they need practice and guidance!

I have put together a few listening comprehension recording sheets!  I have included 5 versions so you can choose the one that works best for your students. Click below for the freebie!

Have a great ending to your weekend!