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RTI & Guided Reading {Nonsense Words Activities} and a FREEBIE

As part of our district assessments our students are assessed using AimsWeb on Letter Naming {LNF}, letter sounds {LNF}, nonsense words {NWF}, and Phoneme Segmentation {PSF}.  I plan to make RTI & Guided Reading packets for all 4 subtests.  I have already blogged and  posted on TpT my RTI & Guided Reading {Phoneme Segmentation Activities} packet.  If you have not yet check those out click above on the links to view!

Anyway, this post is all about nonsense words or called by some "silly words."

Nonsense Words- - A Definition:
Measuring a student’s ability to decode individual phonemes and then blend them together to read.

Nonsense Words- -Why teach them to our students?:
Practicing nonsense word fluency will show if a student has a solid understanding for letter-sound correspondence. Nonsense word fluency also encourages students to blend an unknown word together. Students who are fluent with nonsense words will have a better understanding on decoding unknown words within the text they read.

Nonsense Words- -How I teach them:

Morning Routine
  We work on nonsense words as part of our morning ELA routine.  Our morning meeting is filled with; high frequency word reviews, phoneme segmentation exercises, manipulating sounds in words, nonsense words, and any other skill we are working on at the time.  For nonsense word routine I will write a nonsense word on the whiteboard and have the students state the nonsense word.  Or, I will have the students review nonsense words before the morning routine by having a PowerPoint nonsense word displayed on the smart board.  The PowerPoint presentation automatically switches slides after a few seconds. Click below to grab the freebie!

Hallway:  I also access nonsense words in the hallway as I am having my students go into the restroom.  I will show them a word and they will state the word back to me.  Below are the cards I use! They can be found in the RTI & Guided Reading {Nonsense Words Activities} packet!

Guided Reading:  I spend about  3-5 on nonsense words each guided reading lesson!  Below are a few of the activities we do....

 I love these practice cards!  The students get to see each sound, then blend those sounds together.

 Nonsense words fluency sheets.  Students get 1 minute to state as many nonsense words as they can.  I also place these in a literacy center for extra practice.

Nonsense words 3 in a row.  This game is played like bingo.  The teacher calls out a nonsense word and the students cover it up with their bingo dot.

All of the above mentioned activities come from my RTI & Guided Reading {Nonsense Words Activities} packet.

Inside the packet:
Pages 3-29 Nonsense Word Cards {4 to a page}
Pages 30-45 Guided Nonsense Word cards { 3 to a page}
Pages 46-64 Nonsense Word Fluency 3-in-a-row {3 versions}
Pages 65-68 Nonsense Word Fluency Sheets

See below for previews!

The packet sells for $5.00 in my TpT store and is 69 pages!
  Click below to view the packet!

I also use this nonsense word literacy center!  It comes with the nonsense words & corresponding recording sheet!  Click the picture below to view!

Have a great friends!


  1. Looks like fun.

  2. I'm the literacy building coach at my school up in Alaska. I'll be sharing this information with my kinder team tomorrow! Thanks for posting.

  3. This is fantastic!! I love your ideas and they are exactly what I have been looking for!!! Thank you!!!!!

  4. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!! I will be adding this to my reading group time for the babies who need more practice blending fluently.