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Active Play Math Centers

Hi friends!  It's the weekend so I hope you are enjoying your last few/weeks or are resting up after an eventful first couple weeks!  For me teachers go back Monday, Kindergarten open house Monday evening, and students come back Thursday!  I will be sharing some of my back to school ideas, as well as updates on the monthly giveaway later in the weekend!

I am SO excited to share this new packet with you!  We had an in-service at the beginning of August.  It dealt with assessment and making it relevant.  At the in-service we watched a quick video about an elementary school that transformed their math centers from just pencil and paper to interactive, up and moving, hands-on activities!  I was so thrilled and excited to see this because our schedule has changed this year with math centers being at the very end of the day 2:45-3:00 with dismissal being at 3:15.  In the past we have done social centers or an extra recess during this block of time. Going from that to structured math centers seemed daunting.  HOWEVER,  with all of these new ideas I've gotten I am actually VERY excited to start our new math centers.

I am not exactly sure how it will all work and may take a little time to get into the full swing of the schedule.  I will be keeping you informed and updated as to how it's going.  Here is my idea behind our new math centers:  meet with one group of 5-6 students per day {Monday-Thursday}.  Spend the rest of the time assessing and monitoring my students by observing them playing with other students.  On Fridays we will have game day Friday with all students playing and me the teacher observing them and tracking their progress.  I have not used a math center rotation board.  Last year and again this year I will assign my students their math center by displaying their rotations on the smart board.  This might get tweaked some and I will of course keep you updated!

Now back to active math centers!  Active play math centers utilize problem solving skills while Students are building upon speaking and listening skills with their partners.  These activities are practical and student initiated. The activities are common core aligned with each standard labeled on the activity.  Also, inside the packet I will provide you with assessment trackers.  These are not meant to be MORE work for you.  I will use these to observe and note what I see.  I don't need to call a student over to count out 20 bears if I see them working with a friend and count out 20 hot wheel cars.

Also, in the packet I have included these adorable math center signs!  They are differentiated with just the numeral or for those little ones that aren't confident in their numbers- matching dots for them to count!

Now to the activities!  In this packet I have included 40 active play ideas!  Some of these activities do require "materials."  I have included printable material when possible, but the idea behind it is to really get the kids working with their hands!

Here are a few snapshots from the activities....

Number Block

Sort the Laundry

Number Line Up

Here is a preview of the packet....

The packet sells for $14.99.

However,  through Tuesday, August 20th the packet will be on sale for $10!   Click below to view the packet on TpT.

Have a great start to your weekend...I'll be back shortly for BTS ideas! :)

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