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Math Centers Super Pack #3

Happy Sunday friends!  I LOVE my football Sundays! {Go Chiefs!}  I wanted to share with you a few snap shots from our active play math centers!  The kids have been learning the expectations at each math center and we will soon add in the "paper and pencil" to each math center.

The idea behind my active play math centers came from after we had an in-service at the beginning of August.  It dealt with assessment and making it relevant.  At the in-service we watched a quick video about an elementary school that transformed their math centers from just pencil and paper to interactive, up and moving, hands-on activities!  I was so thrilled and excited to see this because our schedule has changed this year with math centers being at the very end of the day 2:45-3:00 with dismissal being at 3:15.  In the past we have done social centers or an extra recess during this block of time. Going from that to structured math centers seemed daunting.  HOWEVER,  with all of the new ideas  gotten I was VERY excited to start our new math centers.

  Active play math centers utilize problem solving skills while Students are building upon speaking and listening skills with their partners.  These activities are practical and student initiated. The activities are common core aligned with each standard labeled on the activity.  Also, inside the packet I will provide you with assessment trackers.  These are not meant to be MORE work for you.  I will use these to observe and note what I see.  I don't need to call a student over to count out 20 bears if I see them working with a friend and count out 20 hot wheel cars. Here are some snap shots of the kiddos hard at work/play!
Numeral Ring Toss

The kiddos won't even realize they are learning when playing this game!  I placed numbers on  each star.  The students right now are throwing the matching number of rings to the star.  Eventually, we will move on to addition and add the numbers on the stars.
Pebble Pick Up

This game is hands-on and exciting for the students.  They read the numeral needed on each card and count out that number of pebbles and place them into the basket.

{each activity within the packet comes with this detailed activity sheet}

Fishing for Numbers

Interactive and hands-on fishing for numbers!  Students can fish for numbers given by the teacher or simply fish for a number & state that given number. Another option is to have students fish for pairs.  Below are a few different fish options I have inside the packet for you! This one is a for sure favorite when we do our rotations!  My dear husband made me this fishing "pole."  It was made using a dowel rod!




Number caterpillar, simply print and laminate!  This activity is great for working with numbers and number order.

Pencil a shape!  Students use pencils to create shapes.  This comes from the common core standard in which students use real-world objects to create shapes!

Numeral Block

The students have really started to enjoy this activity.  I believe it's because they get to recreate what we do at the carpet each day during our whole-group lesson.  They will often challenge their classmates to figure out where the next numeral goes.  Hopefully these two figured out that the number 3 is missing! :)

This packet includes 40 activities. Also included in this packet are 4 student assessment trackers and math center signs. All activities are Common Core aligned with standards listed on each page.

This packet is my little baby and I am excited for you to try it in your classrooms as well!

I have placed this packet on sale for 20% until next Sunday, October 13th!

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Do you follow me on Facebook?  I shared this little tip there this weekend!

Do you write student names on their tables with permanent marker? I started this my first year! What a life saver  I don't have to worry about the kids pulling up their name tags etc. I use EXPO dry-erase spray to remove the names. The spray immediately takes the marker off!

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  1. Lots of great ideas to encourage hands-on learning--thank you for sharing! I also did not know that about writing on the desks-might have to try that one! :)


  2. Your blog is interesting to read .I have also read about buy hot wheels cars online

  3. Hi Tara! I love your new Active Math Centers! I will look at it in your store soon. Do you do your stations in partners? I do that for Literacy stations and love it, but still did small group math stations with table groups of 5. It is just too hectic. I am changing over to stations with partners. I just really like partner work. The kids seem more engaged and the room is calmer. Plus I can work in a lot more small practice work. Your new "baby" may be just what I need! Thank you for your wonderful blog and great products!