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Hi there!  I hope the start of your week went well!  After a long break it was hard for me, but the kids seemed to get right back into their groove thing!  We have been working on some additional "fun ness" in guided reading!  I've been meaning to share with you, buy ya know sometimes TV time out weighs computer time ;)  

First up is CVC writing strips!  These are great for a warm up exercise.  Not something I started right away...really just started whole class a couple weeks back.  My above group have been working on them for just over a month.  The concept you ask? Students really to get practice multiple skills all at once. First, they must hear the sounds within the word and practice stretching and re-stretching it slowly to hear each sound. They must then represent each sound with a letter, ultimately spelling the word. There are different levels for this activity as well.
Below Level: Students can use the guided CVC strips and practice writing the words. On Level: Students will use the missing beginning, medial, or final sound.  Above Level: Students will write the CVC word independently.  This activity would also work great as a literacy center or writing center task.  I also like to use this activity for my students while I am getting the other students siuated through out the room at their daily 5.  I will have already laid out markers, erasers, whiteboards, and the CVC strips.  Students know what to do and get started right away!  It keeps them busy and it's supper productive :)

 Below are some snap shots of my little ones working hard!

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Up next you ask?  Guided reading task cards!  I love to add these into my lesson plans according to a skill we are focusing in our books.  They are also great for those quick moments when you need a filler!  Just grab them and go!  I have printed, laminated, and cut each set and placed one set per baggie.  I then store the baggies inside a clear shoe box.  I keep them close to my table so I can grab out what I need.

Below is list of standards covered:
-Beginning Sounds
-Medial Sounds
-Final Sounds
-Ending "y" sound
-Decoding Words
-Building Words
-ow vs. ou
-Digraphs {sh, th, ch, wh}
-an vs. in
-{ed} ending
-Silent e

With these task cards you will be able to print, laminate, cut, & start teaching! I provide explicit instruction on how to use each activity. You will receive 20 task card objectives and 115 activity cards.

Final Sounds

Beginning Sounds

Check out the preview below!

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Now for some Christmas cheer!

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  1. Aww your little Christmas tree is so pretty!!! Can't wait to use your guided reading goodies with my class! They are going to be rock star readers!!

  2. Darn I missed the sale! Love your stuff! :)

  3. I only just found your blog...thanks Pinterest! I LOVE these ideas! You are amazing! I'm so sad I missed the sale, but I guess I can wait for the next one! My student teacher and I can definitely use these great ideas!

  4. I love this whole post. Great ideas. I'm off to your tpt store! Thank you so much!