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"Wand"erful Guided Reading Activities! (and a quick sale)

Hey there friends!  I am super pumped about my new packet!  I've been using bingo wands with my little ones for awhile now!  However, we moved past the simple stretching of words.  So, I hear "Are we going to use the bingo wands?"  I made it my mission to make new meaningful activities they could use their bingo wands with AND learn!  Score!

This packet focuses on the four major literacy areas; letter names, letter sounds, phoneme segmentation, and nonsense words!  There are 11 different versions of activities in the packet!  If you haven't used magnetic bingo wands in your classroom...your kids would LOVE you forever if you were to snag one or a class set!  I purchased my bingo wands that come with an additional 100 magnetic chips for each right at $3.  You can click HERE to view the wands I purchased!

No you don't HAVE to have magnetic bingo wands!  This packet is versatile!  Your kiddos could also use bingo daubers for the majority of the activities or any kind of manipulative you have laying around!  There is just something about a MAGNETIC, MAGICAL, WAND!  You know they are five and six so the wow factor is needed at times!

Here is a QUICK video from one of my little ones!

Below are a view snapshots of the packet!

I've stored all of the printables in my guided reading caddy!  I have binder clipped the activities together!

Letter Sounds

                                    Letter Sounds with digraphs!  Blends are also included!

Phoneme segmentation with CVC words!  CVCC and CCVC also included in the packet!

                                                               Phoneme segmentation
Letter Names

Nonsense words

Phoneme segmentation stretchers

Phoneme segmentation picture cards

Nonsense words stretchers

Letter formations- - great for the beginning of the year!

Capital/Lowercase letter id

                                                                 Beginning Sounds

This packet has 80 printable activity pages!  Click below to view more and see a preview of each activity!  The packet sells for $6!

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  1. I LOVE this!!!! I just bought - what a GREAT deal. T I don't have any wands-yet. I think I might order some before I go back to work. This is perfect for my RTI group.