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Guided Reading Mega Bundle 101


Hi there and thanks so much for stopping by!  If you are on the hunt for great guided reading ideas to use in your classroom you are in the right spot.  However, this post is directed towards those that have purchased my guided reading mega bundle or would like to learn more about it!  Don't worry I have two virtual presentations to help with learning more about guided reading along with the daily five in kindergarten!  You can click below to view those presentations!

Hey and WELCOME my mega bundle crew!  I have received a few emails from mega bundle buyers...they had similar questions about the bundle so I wanted to get this post up for all to see!  There will also be a link at the end of the post for any additional questions you might still have!  Alright, let's get started!!!

The most asked question I get about the mega bundle is with organization!  So, I wanted to show you how I organize all of my guided reading material.  This is everything except my whiteboards and few more laminated sheets which are down on the shelf.  My main "go-to" supplies are located in the black caddy.  The two green baskets house any guided reading materials that I am not using for the week.  I like to change out the necessary materials each week that way I am not having items in my black caddy that are not being used ANNND so I am not up pilfering through the baskets in the middle of a guided reading group.  The little green box is for all of my guided reading phonemic awareness manipulatives.  

 So let's talk the black caddy first!  I bought this my first year so I haven't been able to find the same one again.  However, I'm sure you can find something very similar.
In the up close snap shot below you can see that on the left side I have all of my sight word tubs, markers and erasers in the back... flash cards in the front.... crayon box, writing strips, and sound box cards on the right.

And a closer look to the back.....

I keep any writing strips that my kiddos are currently working on in my caddy!  I also have a crayon box that is just for the guided reading table.  You can also see a glimpse of my sound box cards and a baggie which contains one of my Stretch it Out games.

These are my sight word tubs that house our letters for the week!  They are the perfect size! to the other two baskets!  I try to keep of the supplies organized in here but I fail sometimes ;)  You can see I keep all of my  Chunkin' it with the Funky Monkey supplies in one can also see my bingo wands for my "Wanderful" packet in this basket as well.

I keep all of my full pages binder clipped and kept in this basket.  This isn't all of those as I do have some over behind my desk that I will be using this week!

My other basket hols all the other small activity pieces.  In the back you'll see more writing strips, nonsense words cards, and the my little game piece box.

In this box I keep all of my smaller pieces inside zip-loc baggies!

 I just love, love, love my little phoneme segmentation box!  I'm pretty sure one day when I lose my marbles I will just get this out and start playing ;)

 Below you can see what I have inside!  I have purchased all of these items at Dollar Tree/Walmart, but not sure if they still car them.  I have big and small cars, slinkys, and glass gems!

Here is a shot of my books.  These are not all of my books but where I store the books I will be using for the week towards the front.  On the bottom of the shelf is where I keep my black caddy!

Below is how I organize my weekly plans and Step by Step plans/books!

I have each week from the step by step guided reading lesson plans kept in a sheet protector and placed into my binder.  I have the plans, books, and writing templates all there so it's easy to send off to the copy center.

You can download a freebie master map of all 28 weeks below, or click HERE.

If you are contemplating the mega bundle you can see what is included along with the links below. Or, if you are a current mega bundle owner you'll want to make sure you've downloaded all of the newest updates!

Guided Reading Part 1
Guided Reading Part 2
 Guided Reading & RTI Phoneme Segmentation Activities
Guided Reading & RTI Nonsense Activities
 Writing Strips Bundled {CVC, CVCC, CCVC, CVCe}
Chunking It With the Funky Monkey
"Wand"erful Guided Reading Activities
1:1 Tracking/Correspondence in Reading
Guided Reading Task Cards {Set of 20}
Guided Reading Step by Step Guided Reading Plans: Weeks 1-20 BUNDLED *EDITABLE*
Guided Reading Step by Step Guided Reading Plans: Weeks 21-28 BUNDLED *EDITABLE* Writing Strips Bundle Two {CVC2, Digraphs, Blends, Vowel Teams}
   Introduction to Guided Reading {Whole Group Approach}
Beginning Sounds Interactive Notebook
 Stretch it Out! {phoneme segmentation}
Letter Identification Interactive Notebook
RTI Fluency Passages
 CVC/CVCe Mixed Writing Strips
As a current guided reading mega bundle owner you know one of the best perks of the bundle is that it is ENDLESS. This means anything new I make for guided reading it gets added to the bundle and you get it for FREE!  I have added six packets since summer! :)
Below is a quick three-step tutorial for downloading your updates!
1. Access the packet on TpT and click the "download now."

2. Once the file has been downloaded scroll down until you find the word doc titled, "Mega Bundle Updates."

3. Open the file can click the link or copy and paste it into your browser.

**If at anytime you have a hard time downloading an update you can always email me directly and I can send the update to biggie at all!

Below is a graphic on how the packets interact with one another or are a stand alone packet.  It's hard for me to say when and how to use the packets in your classrooms...only you know what your kiddos need at a certain time.  That's why I love that the step by step packets contain editable lesson plans.  You can easily swap out one activity for another.

The big starter I would suggest would be to view the step by step weekly plans.  If you are tied to a district guided reading curriculum that might or might not have enough material.  Most of them lack an equal balance for each lesson...I like to make sure my kiddos get practice in letter names/sounds, sight words, phonemic awareness, nonsense words {when applicable}, book, and writing each day!

If you own parts of the guided reading mega bundle but would like to "swap" those out for the mega bundle and it's endless option you can do so by emailing me {} I can explain how it works!

If you have additional questions that I didn't answer in this post feel free to comment below or email me at  I welcome any and all questions...I try really hard to get you emailed back promptly! :)


  1. I have Tara's guided reading bundle and it is BY FAR the best purchase I have ever made on TPT. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  2. Trying to decide this purchase or not, in the mega bundle, are the books to go along with the lessons included? And is this good for DRA correlation?

    1. Yes there are 2 books per week and three levels of each book for your above, on, and below level readers :) they are leveled with the DRA leveling system :)

  3. Hi there

    I am considering purchasing this bundle... But I have children at level 2, 4, and 7. Do I just use different plans for those groups?


    1. Is this beginning of Kindergarten? Possibly the 1st grade version would work better?
      Tara :)