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The Ten STEALS of Summer!

Well hello my little summer loving friends!  First day of summer {check!}  Now, we can officially go into summer slow motion!  To celebrate the start of summer I am teaming up with my besties Hadar {Miss Kindergarten} and Lauren {A Teachable Teacher} for the 10 steals of summer!  I decided to go ahead and list the 10 steals so you could plan ahead...also Facebook is so tricky about what they let you "see."  Well, no secrets here Facebook!!! HA!

Alright, let's get started!


Day one of the summer steals is all about bundle sales!  First up is a last chance call to grab my LITERACY and MATH centers for the YEAR for $100 off!  Yep!  They are $125 regular priced and you get 250 centers for $25. #stopthepress #fireupthelaminator  After summer steals these babies will be increasing in price to represent the current value included in them!

 Grab the Kindergarten, First grade, or both if you want to be SET!

Also on Sunday you will be able to snag KinderLiteracy and/or FirstieLiteracy for $20 off!  Both of these programs had made impacts on classrooms around the world!  They are both comprehensive whole-group reader's workshop programs that are based upon the close read model!  If you are DONE with your current reading curriculum then be sure to click on the preview of these packets to try out a week!  Or, read the feedback on the units from teachers just like you!  


Day two of the summer steals is: HALF OFF STEALS!  That's right!  You can snatch the next two items for HALF OFF! WOOT! Up first is my Taking Back Weekends Bundle!

You can also get my Early Finisher's packet for $3!


Day three of summer steals is one of my favorites: SLASHING PRICES STEAL
!  On this day the guided reading mega bundles will be on sale for $20 off!

On day two you will also be able to save 75% off on my ENDLESS bundles!!!

Alphabet ENDLESS Bundle


Day four of the 10 summer steals is the SIZZLING GIVEAWAY! This giveaway will be hosted on my Facebook page so be sure to check in at 10:00 CST to see how you can win $100 TPT bucks to my store!

You will also be able to grab this packet for FREE on my Facebook Tuesday!!!!  Everyone wins on the SIZZLING GIVEAWAY day!


Day five of the summer steals: BUY ONE, STEAL ONE!  Lol!  Just love that name... on Thursday only if you buy my August Taking back packet you also get my Farm Literacy centers!  If you already own the August packet you'll be able to snag the freebie centers that day too by downloading your packet again!  Click on the image below to check out the August packet!  If you own the Taking Back Bundle the freebie has been added in there as well!  You will need to re-download during the steals week to gain access to it and download onto your computer!

Taking Back Weekends -August Edition!

Also, on Thursday I will be bringing this wham bam special out again!  It was loved by so many so I thought I could offer that once again!  If you purchase the KinderPhonics bundle, you will get THREE notebooks for free! If you already own the bundle then go download it again and snag the notebooks! Click below to view the KinderPhonics Bundle!


Day five is all about more 1/2 off steals! Up first are my Kindergarten Emergent Readers and First Grade Early Readers!  Note that the k set comes from the Kindergarten Guided MEGA Bundle and the First grade set comes from the 1st grade Guided MEGA Bundle!  If you are needing a set of awesome readers for guided reading, book tubs, or to send home with students to read ... these are PERFECT!  Both sets come with differentiated readers!

Kindergarten EMERGENT Readers (up to DRA 6)

First Grade EARLY Readers (up to DRA 16)

Don't use the DRA view a correlation chart HERE!


You can also download my letter practice sheets for $3!

It's also another last chance offer on my Literacy and Math center binders!  Both packets are currently 50% off but will be increasing after the summer steals!


Day 6 of the summer steals is another slashing prices day!  On this day my Literacy and Math Centers BUNDLED for the year will be slashed $15!

Also, my ENDLESS Math Practice Sheets bundle will be slashed $10!


*STEAL IT FAST FLASH freebie!  You'll need to view my Facebook page at 12:30 CST to grab this  flash freebie!!

*Steal of the day rewind <<<<< Be sure to visit all of the previous steals in case you missed one earlier in the week!

The BIG DEAL STEAL!  You'll need to view my Facebook page at 10:00 AM CST to see what the big deal steal is!

That's all I have for you....have yourself a merry summer day!!! :)


  1. I love your Kinder Phonics! Love the great steals of the day!

  2. Tysm for doing this!😊👏😊👏 I'm so excited for the week and I LOVE your products!

  3. Ohhhh I cannot wait, I have to figure out the time difference though.
    I am gonna be heartbroken if I cannot get online at those times.

    1. No fretting!!!! Once they are posted they'll stay through the end of June :D

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